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Really struggling and feeling low! Any advice?

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I dont know what is wrong with me. Can anybody help? I keep eating (binge eating until I feel so full that my stomach hurts and balloons out!). It makes me sick thinking about how much food (junk food) I can consume in a few minutes! I am obviously overweight (about 2 and a 1/2 stone), none of my 'nice' clothes fit me anymore and I live in jeans and black baggy jumpers.
My weight is making me feel so low. I have stopped going out with friends as nothing looks nice on me anymore and avoid going out with my husband as I feel like a big embarrassment to him now (I was a size 8-10 when we married 8 years ago!). I have tried and failed at Slimming World so many times now, anyone would think I wanted to be this size!
Why do I keep eating when I know its doing me no favours!? Ive just been feeling low about another failed attempt at SW (started today again and failed today!) whilst.....wait for it....shovelling cookies into my mouth!! What on earth is wrong with me? The craziest thing is-I know that is I stuck to the plan I could be down to a healthy weight within the year but I cant seem to stick at it!
I have been invited to an engagement party this weekend but do not want to go because of my weight and the way I look.......but the more I stay home the fatter Im getting!
Does anyone else feel the same? Is anyone else really struggling out there who can share some advice? Please!?
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hi hun i know how u feel i was doing really well then went off plan and can't get back on it :cry:i desperately want to, i want that feel good feeling back but no everyday i start then fail again, have decided i need to plan my food the day b4 so i know what i'm having i need to get organised and make sure i have the food in. sorry this won't help you but when i see posts like this it strikes a chord with me. i am determined to restart tomorrow watch this space good luck x


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Are you going to class? if so ask the consultant for an SAS (Slimmers against Sabotage) log. You are obviously eating for reasons other than hunger so you need to work it the real reasons for it. The SAS log helps you write down how you are feeling every time you eat to identify trigger points. It could be that you are bored or that you overeat when you get into a cycle of feeling bad about yourself. Once you know what the triggers are you can plan for how to overcome them.


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I feel exactly the same as you :( I just keep trying again EVERY day. Although today has gone a bit wrong as it's weigh in tomorrow and I've eaten 2 big bags of mini eggs!! I think I need to start exercising. I know it will give me a focus other than food/SW and it will give me confidance and help me feel better mentally. Is that an option for you? x


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Something is not right psychologically maybe? Possibly a little bit of depression? The SAS log, if done completely honestly will help show any trends emerging/ triggers & danger times.

Also once u get a mini victory, ie, ur first proper loss that'll give u the motivation to carry onto the next one. Just set one mini goal, say lose 3lbs then take it from there... Good luck! Xxx
S: 13st8.0lb C: 13st8.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you all for your replies. Its nice to not feel alone in this.
'Jamesmummy1'-I would love to buddy up with you.
I am not a member of a SW group (used to be but too costly and didnt find any of the groups I attended very motivating or any good for me). Can anyone tell me what is in the SAB log so that I start to chart and record any triggers? I think 'circes' has got it spot on saying that I am bored but there isnt really anything I enjoy doing anymore. Gosh I sound like a right whinge-sorry! I definitely think that my binge eating is worse when its the 'time of the month' as I often feel very low then, but I cant just blame that as I do overeat through the month as well.
It is definitely a cycle of feeling bad......I eat to comfort myself then hate myself for giving in....and so I eat somemore!
Id love to get back into exercising again 'krsemma'. I used to love to swim and went to a few spinning classes last year that I enjoyed, so its definitely something I'd like to get back into.

'kieragh1515'-I will set myself a mini goals......I think thats half the problem when trying to loose weight-everyone wants it off quickly but we all know it doesnt work like that so its nice to know theres the support available in forums like this one.

Thanks again all of you for your replies. I will start again tomorrow............
Hi emem, your not a failure as you haven't given up! You have taken a positive step to come on here for encouragement which shows you are motivated and wanting to get back on it! We all feel Like failures when we have a bad day - I know I do but your not a failure as you have already taken message for ideas to motivate you, that's not failing! Plan a week of meals If you can but choose things you really enjoy that you know will leave you satisfied. Look online at some recipes and check out the inspiration thread, that always makes me feel positive. No one is perfect so don't beat yourself up. It's difficult changing a habit so give it time.


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{{{{{{Emem}}}}}, there are many on here with much more knowledge than me about SW, but you are not alone at all! We all struggle from time to time or none of us would need to lose weight! :)

May I suggest that to help with the nibbles, clear the house of those fattening foods and prepare yourself some syn free snacks, even carrot sticks with homemade syn free hummus for example, fruit...lots of fruit, I live on the stuff! And when the urge to nibble from boredom strikes there won't be any tempations around. Or when you feel the urge, go outside and take a short walk and think about it. Fresh air can make you feel so much better!!

Good luck, and as has been said before you are not a failure it took a lot of courage to get on here and post...that is strength....use that strength and you'll get there!!


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I was going to say something similar as it sounds like the "junk" is there to eat so you need to eliminate the temptation. Get rid of it all have a SW fry up (so your nice and full) and go shopping armed with a list of SW foods. That way you avoid the temptation if buying junk in the shop too. It's true that if we shop hungry we buy carb-laden fast energy sugary snacks, and if we go without a list we browse idly picking up the same as we always did.

Your not a failure, just unsupported by the sounds of it. I felt rubbish at the beginning of this even though the weight was coming off as no one was supporting me. Now so many people are giving me support and half my office has signed up so no naughty goodies in the office either. A tip if your struggling at work, as theres usually lots of temptation there, is to start a work fruit bowl you'll be surprised how many people start tucking in!

Keep at it Hun, you'll get there, just don't deny yourself too much it doesn't have to be all or nothing, it's about finding the balance

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Agree with Dawnwynne, get rid of the "naughty" snacks and fill the fridge with "good" snacks. I snack on fruit and raw veg mainly.

It's also a good idea to plan your meals so that you have the right food in the house. Have a look on the recipe sections for inspiration of different meals you can make. There are loads of good recipes including home made "take aways".

Good luck with sticking to plan.

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Thank you all for your support! I have had a good day today-(eating wise)! :)
I bought lots of fruit to snack on and a curly wurly for a treat tonight after tea (which is aubergiene risotto and SW chips). I am planning on sitting with my SW magazines this evening and planning this weeks meals as a lot of you recommended-to help keep me focused.

Thanks again for all the advice-much appreciated! Everyone's kind words have picked me up at a low point and helped keep me focused and motivated today. Your all stars! Thank you!:D xxx

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