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Feeling cold

I certainly do Kev, and i don't know why.. I wonder if it's because we don't have as much body fat now and we haven't got used to it yet.. I hope so cos i am cold all the time!! x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Kevin

<<notes to get a snuggie for Kevin for crimbo!

Actually, talking of snuggies, that advert where the family is all sitting round with their snuggie gifts for christmas that they've all bought each other, makes me feel like they've joined some cult or something. Rather unsettling lol!
I feel cold all the time. Does anyone else suffer from this ? or is it just me ?
I am freezing all the time, goosepimples on my arms, i wear socks in bed, today i wore my coat and scarf at work for half the day, the temp in my car is at 26 degrees lol,
It's def the diet. I'm warm as toast now that I'm eating, but at the moment I am wearing two fat cats just to make sure!


2 Years Maintaining :)
I've been maintaining for 3 weeks and I'm still freezing all the time!!! I was never like this before LT- I'm usually such a warm creature, Never wore jammies to bed, walked around in bare feet, window open every night even in the depths of winter..........now I have the heating on full blast all day, have to sit wrapped in layers and blankets!!! LT ruined my body temperature lol Hope I get it back soon :)
yeah it has to have something to do with the diet it snot uncommon to see me walking the dog in shorts and tee shirt in december but i am feeling the chill a little more than i used to and i even put a jumper on at work the other day


Will be thin god dammit!!
Yep me too!
Defo a sign of ketosis i remember well from my lighter life years :(
I keep drinking hot water at work to keep me warm....when I am at home have a hot water bottle with me and a big pot of hot water with green tea.
Thanks everyone at least I know I am not alone. That makes me feel warmer :)
Yep me too freezing all the time, heating up high, woolly jumper and blanket when im on the couch,,,ive never been cold like this before i have lost some of my insulation thou lol
Yep, me too. I am freezing. On my day off have to have heating on all day (dreading the gas bill) and even started taking a hotwater bottle to bed. I have to keep warm because when i start getting cold and miserable is when the food cravings really hit me. Hot tea (though its disgusting without milk) and hot chicken soups are the answer I find.
I'm there with you all. Absolutley freezing. Have two hot water bottles with me in bed. And I've been waiting for the man to come fix my boiler for days.

I feel like I'm going to die of some form of frost bite lol. I've been wearing socks to bed, and a jumper. I never usually wear anything. Never been so cold in my life. lol
OMG I honestly don't think I have ever felt as cold as I feel right now while sitting inside..it is just unnatural!!!! My fingers are actually numb and even when I put a blanket on me I feel cold from how cold it is...brrrrrrrrr...still..better to be skinny and cold than overweight and sweating!!!!! lol :)

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