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  1. Gina1986

    Gina1986 Member

    Ok I'm going to apologise in advance for being a moan i've had a really bad day.

    I'm just back from my 2nd weigh in.I lost 5lbs.I'm going to go on refeed from 2moro and I'm depressed about it.I am going on a trip in less than 2 weeks.Although I'm delighted I've lost nealy a stone.I don't feel any skinnier.I'm still the big heffer in my group of friends and with my height i remind myself of a big monster coz I'm wide plus tall.

    Any suggestions what to do after refeed?

    :wave_cry:Ideally I would like at least another 1/2stone off to feel confident again to enjoy going out. I'm so afraid my LT work will have been a complete waste of time :(

    P.S. I admire you guys sooo much for sticking with LT. Its no walk in the park!Well Done!
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  3. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    You may still lose weight on Refeed and maintenance. I think the maintainence bars help you not feel hungry, so you may eat less also. Or you could try to stay on a atkins style diet?

    So they took you off lipotrim as you were close to a BMI of 25? Did you ask to stay on it until you reached the weight you want? I dont want them to take me off it when i hit the BMI of 25 :(
  4. Gina1986

    Gina1986 Member

    No she asked me but as I'm going away I didn't really have a choice I gotta do the refeed. It was good going to the shop and buying just healthy food for the refeed I wasn't embarrassed going to the cashier to pay for a change. :)
  5. Yuna

    Yuna Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b

    Hey Gina,

    If they didn't take u off it would u not chance goin back to lose the next half stone?? It'd be gone in bout 2 weeks [and then some!]. If not then mayb the atkins would be a good option, I'm a huge fan of ketosis now!!!

    Congrats on losing the stone!! That wasn't easy and u should b proud of urself. Mayb buy urself a new outfit for the holidays, to show off the curves which ur skinny friends don't have!!

    That's wat I do anyway.:)
  6. Gina1986

    Gina1986 Member

    Thanks for the replies.Yeah i suppose if i do the refeed for the week and the maintenance and start gaining the weight i could go back and do it for another two weeks.I just feel i just started to make a difference to my body and now it has to stop.Maybe its because I'm due my TOTM soon I feel fat again plus the water cooler in work has been broken the past two days so I haven't been able to get as much water as I wanted :(
  7. pineapple

    pineapple Silver Member

    Congrats on your weight loss - are you off it because are in healthy bmi or becasue you are going away? I have the same dilema - except I am no where near the healthy range!! I was tld to do refeed on sat (that'll be end of week 3) as I am going away for a weekend the end of next week. I am so scared about doing the refeed as I have messed that up before! I wanted to lose more weight before comng off as I feel am into the diet now after hard couple f weeks. I am gonna talk with the chemist again this week and ask if I can do lipo up until I go away and whilst am away have protien type meals and just face the consiquences of eating and get back onto the shakes come the Mon.
  8. Gina1986

    Gina1986 Member

    I wouldn't have minded another week or two. The reason I'm going on refeed is I'm going away for the weekend.

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