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Feeling disheartened...

My first week went badly points wise and I lost 3/4 of a pound. My second week (now just starting 3rd) went really well apart from over the weekend but even then it wasn't a complete disaster. Weighing in today I've put on 3lbs :cry:

I'm really upset. I had a midweek sneaky weigh in and had lost 1/2 a pound so am shocked and upset at this.

It is my TOTM so maybe this could have caused it? I feel like giving up but I know it's early days... isn't it? It could be just hormonal or water retention or something couldn't it? :wave_cry:
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I wouldnt give up thats the last thing you should do! If its totm i would carry on as normal and see what next week brings :)
Hi I took a sneaky one and on Thursday Id lost 3lbs from Monday last week,weigh in today (same scales same time) Id lost 1.5lbs :eek: I didnt have all my points 18.5 under in the week(was ill viral) so I was :( but people here were right I have to ave my points.
So this week maybe have all your points and drink a little extra water as that will flush away retained fluid and you should be ok next weigh-in,dont forget your bodys adjusting to a new way of eating.

They say eat all your points

Weigh and Measure everything needed

Drink 2 litres of water a day

Take exercise

The plan shell work ;)

Dont give up you can do it!! TOTM could easily be responsible for up to 5lbs - so stick to the plan this week and I bet you will have a good loss next week!!
Thanks guys. I'd just hoped for a good loss to give me a boost I suppose.

I know you're all right, I just need to put it behind me and maybe up my exercise this week, drink more water etc. and hope TOTM was messing it up for me!


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you've got to just keep it together whether gain or loss, i know it's difficult with the gains but you have to think of the long run.... one week of a gain, to a lifetime of changes and being healthy and losing weight! ... if you see it like that, doesn't really seem like a big deal tbh, i'd rather have a gain one week than sticking to being how i use to be!

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