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Feeling down and need to eat


Slimming for my children
Just had a call from my sister.
basically my cat is my world and the familys world and two weeks ago she was diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears and since then has lost loads of weight and is really scrawny.
When she saw the vets last time they were really worried as its rare to get an infection in both ears.
Shes my babe and all i keep thinking is the worst.
The vet has told my mum not to feed her anything in case she needs an emergency op. :cry::cry::cry:

All i can think about is wanting to cry ( i am at work) and trying hard not to and all i want is chocolate.
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Queen of the Damned
Aww honey, you poor so and so :hug99: Now they said it was in case your cat needed an emergency operation - don't assume the worst. And don't let this put you off your stride - you have done so well with your weight loss. Stick with it.
I'm really sorry about your cat and I hope it all turns out well.

But regarding food - well, if you do eat that chocolate you're just going to feel worse about yourself and even more down. I think maybe the kindest thing you can do for yourself is not eat the chocolate (I feel weird even thinking that but it's true!)


Slimming for my children
thats the thing i always think the worse and i cant help it.

I am so tempted to walk out of work now and pop to the shops.
I am trying so so hard not to do so and even more so not to cry.
shes never ill. shes 16 years old and the most gorgeous thing you will see. shes everywhere. I have her as my screensaver at work, my phone everythiing.
plus at the moment my dad is staying whith my aunt as hes been threatening to kill himself since he split with my mum. so lots going on and all i want is my little cat to be ok! :( :( :(
Big Hugs :hug99:
Hope your cat gets better soon. I'm afraid the chocolate wouldn't make you feel any better in the long term, just upset with yourself for giving in to your emotional hunger. Drink some water and have a shake if you can. Keep strong, not long until you can go home and be with your cat xx


Slimming for my children
i will try my hardest to not eat. I have my water and dont finish till 6 and wont be home til about 7.30 then will go to my dads house and be with my cat. poor babe. Shes so innocent. :cry:
Just saw your second post. I'm so sorry everythings not going so well at the moment with your dad. Keep strong, try to keep busy with work for the next couple of hours. x

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