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Feeling down this morning :-(

Which isn't like me, i know.

As it's getting colder, i went to the cupboard to grab a pair of jeans.
I tried to put them on and i couldn't get them past my bum.
My eyes welled up as i realised just how big i've gotten.

I also don't feel like i've lost any weight this week. Which is common i spose when it's your first week. But i've only been abouit 80%.
My partner and I went to a all day gig on Saturday and I hadn't eaten all day. Ended up having a McDonalds meal in the evening.
And yesterday I made some pasta and for some reason decided to have a big slice of white bread with butter on it.

Weekends i just can't keep my focus. :-(

Either way, i'm feeling like ****.

My scales at home aren't making me very confident either.

I just want to hide away.

WI is tomorrow night. So i'll find out for certain then.
I just need a hug.

A very sad and down,

Britt xo
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Im having a rotten week too. Im rejoining as soon as I come back from my holidays but Im sorting through my holiday stuff Ive bought over the past few weeks and some of it doesnt fit! Ive got a beautiful dress which is tight around the back (it fitted perfectly 6 weeks ago when i bought it) - its a halterneck with elastic round the back so im going to have to sit this afternoon and see if I can take it out a bit :sigh:.

It happens to us all, but remember you are on the right track, you can do this and keep positive hun xx
awww chick, keep your chin up :) everyone has a little blip now and again. just remember that today is a new day and start again. this is my first week too and ive been finding it hard not the slap some lurpak on bread with everything i munch lol.
Brit, come here huge hug for ya :)

Now then, dont lose hope sweetie. You dont know what the scales will say. Thriow away your ones at home, they only harm our efforts!

And even if youve only been 80%, thats 80% better than the week before, no? And maybe next week you could try for 90%, one day at a time youre doing well, keep on going xxx
Last time I did SW i only did Green days as i never lost with Red days.
I've been finding it really hard to fill 1/3 with superfree.

I think i just need to cut out the meat maybe...
I felt the same this morning when i woke up, starting back today and thats probably why, the only thing i feel comfy in is tracky bottoms:cry::cry: im just doing some polishing then going to cook myself a nice sw breakfast to cheer myself up!! xx big hugs sent your way, your not on your own and if we stick to this then come xmas we shall be feeling a whole lot better xxxxxxxx
If youre doing red or green you dont HAVE to fill your plate with 1/3 superfree...only on EE is it a MUST.

Although eating more fruit n veg is always great for weightloss ;)
Yeah, that's what i mean.
I've been doing EE but have been finding it really hard filling 1/3 with superfree.

Hence, i might just go back to Green... xo
((HUG)) It's a horrible feeling, I know.

It doesn't sound like you've done too bad to me, 80% is great! Don't 'they' (whoever they are) say 80/20 is the best approach with healthy eating? You know where you've gone wrong - and who wouldn't reach for fastfood after not eating all day?!
If Green suits you better, just do it. It works - I lost most of my weight the last time (ahem, about 15 years ago!) mainly doing Green.

Don't worry about weekends. I think they're tough for everyone - at least they are for me. I feel lucky if I can escape a weekend without using up ALL of my weekly syn allowance, and then try to pull it back through the week. Insane, I know, but it's the only thing that keeps me going forward.

Good luck with your weigh-in :)
Hey don't start feeling down, remember all those positive vibes you sent our way last week?????????

And have you really done bad, add up all the syns you've had so far from from your last WI; take that amount from your weekly syn allowance, is it really that bad?

It's only week 1 of your re-start you can't expect to have massive losses.

You've done welll so far even with the odd bit of white bread etc.

And have you really done bad, add up all the syns you've had so far from from your last WI; take that amount from your weekly syn allowance, is it really that bad?
If i add it up like that i've still got 20 syns for today and tomorrow that i'm not planning to use...
Come on lovely, pick yourself up and post on the new "when I'm going to get to target" thread - you'll be in your old clothes soon enough hun.
It takes a while to get back into things. I'm struggling at the moment too, I think a lot of us are.
Hope you feel a bit better soon. xx
nooooo I'm not having this, i have just finished printing off my little Christmas tree that you kindly put on the forum for us all.

you cant motivate us all along so brilliantly and then feel so down, we wont allow it. you hear???

come on we can do this, some days are better than others, yesterday was a bad down day for me so i know how you feel, but tomorrow is another day and you will feel so much better :D

you look bloody gorgeous on your photo, so come on pick ya self up and together we can all do this.

sending hugs your way from me, now feel free to send one back xxx

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