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Feeling down? This'll make ya giggle!

rainbow brite

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Oh Bless! :D


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I'm not being funny but what on earth possesses a grown man to dress up in a leotard and film himself dancing and then sitting back and thinking 'yep, that's brilliant, the world is ready to see that' and posting it on the internet. He has such a serious expression on his facce too! Some people are YouTube crazy aren't they!

Cheered up my morning though - thanks!


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OMG whatever posessed him to do that well it made me laugh and has brightened my day thanks for that


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hahaha brilliant :D Really made me laugh!!


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That was so funny, thanks it really cheered me up. xxx


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ok im surprised no one commented on his package! why on earth would someone do something like that.. hehehe!


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Well he kept to the rythym so we have to compliment that. Amusing


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That was BRILLIANT thanks hun, defo put a smile on my ugly mush.
BUT why did he stuff a sock down & put it on his belly cos no way was that package in the right place lol


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Love it lol!! But i was a bit worried something was guna pop out now that would'v been proper funny...Bless him pmsl xx


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OMG! That was SO funny!:8855:

It looks like James Corden!


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Hahaha, what the heck has he stuffed down the front of his leotard??!! That's definitely enhanced, if that's the right word? Love it!

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Thanks really made my day. A good laugh!


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Brite you brightened up my day that is my little girls faviorate song when she gets in shes gonna be in stitches


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this is really funny


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omg look 1 min and 7 seconds in.....

you see way more than you need