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Feeling down

Last night I was feeling really emotional, crying at stupid things, just feeling really sad. Today, i've been in the most foul mood i have ever been in, snapping for no reason, drifting into my own world constantly, and just feel really fed up and annoyed. I'm on day 9 of Lipotrim. Is it the diet making me feel this way? Normally i'm really optimistic and smile even when i feel al little off, but today, even my OH got it in the neck for no reason! I felt a little better after doing a little cardio at the gym, but i still feel really emotional. Whats that about?? don't want to give up the diet yet, but i don't want to feel this emotional and be in this bad mood for any lenght of time.
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your prob going threw sugar withdrawal's. You could of having a false feeling of happiness wen you were eating rubbish food. I felt like that on day 9 my worst day ever but after my blood sugar got back to normal i was fine stick with it for a few more days and you should defo start feeling like your old self but better.
Awwww hunny bunch

I got like that on day 9 funnily enough. Well not funny...because it's miserable and you feel like crap! I think it's that whole thing of having your first weigh in over and it feeling a LONG time until the next one. It isn't though- and this time next week I promise you'll be feeling a whole lot better. It could be totm as well you know? Our hormones do funny things to us don't they. The foul mood will pass sweetie- and you'll get through it.

Big hugs xxxx
Thanks you guys, it helps knowing that it will pass, its just a natural part of going through this. thanks goodness for this site, that's all i can say, i'm sure its a big part of the sucess of Lipotrim

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
That's interesting, yesterday was my day 9 and I was quite out of sorts in myself and could not figure why as I did not feel hungry or anything like that. Nice to know I am not the only one has felt that way. Today , I feel much better. Still a little at a loss not to be part of eating but not one bit hungry.
I think around my second week I was really tearful & letting ridiculous things bother me, but, I'm fine now, if a little more irritable. I think it'll pass, just give yourself time to adjust :)

I felt a bit like this when I started too. My poor children were snapped at for minor things and my poor dh came home to a crying mess! Anyways, felt a bit better for a day or so, so I am sure that it is something to do with the sugar withdrawl or something. They say that certain foods (eg choc) can raise seratonin levels (happy hormones) in the head, so may be something to do with this.

You'll be right in a couple of days.
Hi Hon
it could also be the fact that you are now having to deal with feeling really upset and emotional about different things happening in your life. I know for myself, that rather than deal with emotions, I would head for the fridge and drown my sorrows in food. When this is removed from you, how do you then cope? It is worth exploring and it is certainly worth being aware of these emotions. Explore what is really going on and then when you start eating again, you have some solid concrete ways of coping with your food intake.

Hope this helps.

Annie xx

Hang in there for sure! I think its just natural that you will feel like that some times in the first weeks. Once You get week 3 over you, you will feel like you have it nailed and it is like a breeze, the weeks fly by and the pounds drops off and next thing you will know it is christmas and you are wearing THAT dress! :) Happy days...
Hey everyone, thanks for your wonderful words of support, you were all right, it was just a blip. today i was back to my normal happy optimistic self. thank goodness for this site, i would have surely given up if it wasn't for all your kind words. Now i feel like i'm back on track!

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