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Feeling down!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Sorry to come on here and have a moan but I need to 'vent off' somewhere!

Im just having a bad few days. We've been trying to sell our house for nearly 6months now with no joy, I have just found out that my mum and dad who I am incrediably close to (I see them nearly every day) are now moving 400miles away due to my dads job which I am devistated about!

Finally, I was heading out of the door to work this morning and it dawned on me that I actually dont enjoy my job and am unsure what I want to do!

Can I have a midlife crises at the age of 26???? So so sorry for the moan but Im just having one of those days x
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It's not a mid-life crisis, it sounds to me more like a 'OMG, is this what happens in real life' moment.

Things like your parents moving away and not taking them with you make you realise you are grown up. Mone moved the same sort of distance away a few years ago and I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under my feet.

All I can do is send you a huge hug as I'm having a few weeks of that feeling (((((((((( )))))))))))))

AND, you're not moaning or venting. Just letting your feelings out which we all need to do somewhere xx


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Hug recieved - thank you!

It does seem daft getting upset about my mum and dad especially as I have a family unit of my own - a lovely partner and 2 children, its just going to be very weird not seeing them nearly everyday, my girlie shopping days with my mum etc etc, I think its just something I need to get adjusted too and Im sure I will!

Thank you very much for your kind words x


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(((HUGS))) sorry to hear your feeling down. I still live with my mum at 21 years old and have been looking to move out for ages but it would have to be within walking distancce! It is okay to not be together everyday as you will be able to call everyday and it will be a bit of an adventure, when you go to visit you can have nice catch ups and a bit of girly shopping :) its good to hear you have a nice support system around you but nothings ever quite like your mum is it? :)

Hope you feel better :)



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I can sympathise here, I moved to holland for my partners work a few years ago, and really missed my family, we moved back to the UK but have just moved again in oct 09 to devon, which is about 180 miles away from them.

I call everyday and we take it in turns to visit each other every few months.

you could use this as an opportunity to see if you are happy staying where you are, or if you would like a big move too, or an opportunity to just give yourself a life audit.

I know things are tough right now, but they will come together for you. it took us over a year to sell and move, its a messy and stressfull time.

dont make any rash decisions, but do use the opportunity to reflect on your future career etc... I know the market is hard, but opportunities are out there if you look about, find something you love and are enthusiastic.

as for selling the house, good luck! I know how hard it all is and there is no easy answers. just offers of big hugs!
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I can't relate to the mum thing, I love my mum but we're not really close (it's an upbringing thing). But I'm so close to my sister. We ring each other up about twice a week for nice chats & try to meet up once a week, either I'll visit her or she will visit me. It takes a bit of getting used to but you'll do it.

As for the job, write down what you don't like in your job & what you do. Then what you would like to do. Ok, so can you actually do what you would like to? If not do you need to go to college for further study. If so start this bit off & then look for something more suitable.

There is no harm in window shopping for a new job. Get some job applications & have a look at the job specifications, & ask yourself if this really what you want to do.

You're only young & and you have a long working life ahead of you. So if you're not happy make that change, but consider all the options before moving. Can you change jobs & stay with the same employer, can you have further training to enhance your job or is it a career change you are looking for.

We may be coming out of a recession but the jobs are there it just may take a while to find your perfect job:D


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I feel your pain hon xx

I've had a few moments like that in the last year as well! Firstly my sister got a new job in London and they've moved down there - I am very close to my sister and it was so upsetting. I miss her every day but we email and call regularly.

Then I realised I didn't want to pursue the career I was doing. It wasn't what I'd ever wanted to do and all I'd ever wanted to be was a teacher. So I quit my job and started working somewhere temporarily whilst trying to secure a PGCE place for September. I'm happy to report I got in and start my dream in September!

Happy Holidays makes a very good point - work out what it is about your job that you do/don't enjoy. It could be that you're feeling itchy feet because of your parents moving away, or it could be that you genuinely want to pursue something else. I agree that jobs are a little tougher to come by but they are out there!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Have just got in from work, have sat and read all the replies and want to say a HUGE thenk you for all your kind words and support!

Im gonna spend the next couple of weeks having a really hard think about what I want to do career wise before making any rash decisions!

As for the move, I guess I will have to accept it, make the most of my mum being here for now and run up a HUGE phone bill when she does move! :D

I have only been on this site for a few weeks but have all made me feel so welcome and have cheered me up no end, thank you all! xxx


Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
ps - well done alwyn for getting on the course you want hunni!!:0clapper:

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