Feeling down


All week I have stuck to my points allowance, been on the treadmil twice (which is twice more than usual) and drank the recommended about of water.

I was feeling pretty pleased with my efforts until I went to weigh in this morning and found I have stayed the same weight.

As this was my first week I feel really down about it. I have a party to go to tonight and really wanted to feel like I could do this. Now Im not so sure.:(

I am trying to remain positive but this has really thrown me.
Totally agree with Marie. Measure yourself .....

Stick with the diet as well .... or else next week you'll be even more down! If you stick with it - then next week you'll have a great loss and be sooooooooo happy!

Good luck.
Thanks guys. I havent taken any measurements so I will do that ASAP.

I think I took it this so badly because (a) it was my first week and (b) there was another first timer there and she lost 7lbs!!!! Although Im pleased for her (its a fantastic result) it did make me think maybe I had done something wrong.
Well done for doing a whole week!

Hi Sable,

The worst thing you can do is compare your weight loss to others, even though this is what we all end up doing and I am no exception.

Measuring yourself is vital as the inches will come down and how the weight comes off does vary with everyone.

I am sure after a week of sticking to your points and drinking water your skin is looking much better and that your now feeling better in yourself...less sluggish.

You are keeping a record of everything your eating?

Next class bring your food record with you and how it to who ever is doing the class and ask her about perhaps adjusting the points.

She should be able to advise you.

Please don't be down as you need to pat yourself on the back and claim the fact you have done a whole week and to look at this as a life style change and not just a one off.

Good idea too to take some photos of yourself so that you can compare them with the before and after:)

Love Mini xxx
Aww sorry you are feeling so down, please try not to be.

Our bodies are funny things, and like to play tricks on us.:(

Like you I have stayed the same this week, but HAVE lost inches. Last week I lost 4.5 lbs and my measurements were the same as the week before. :eek: Its hard to figure out sometimes whats going on....but we have so many things that can affect us.

Do stick with it and stay on track, and sure you will have a fab weight loss next week. :)

Hugs to you.

Deb x
Awww sable Im sorry you didnt get the results you hoped for. Hang on in there, it may sort itself out next week. I found that last time I did WW there was no rhyme or reason to my results. Weeks I was sure Id done badly I had great losses, and vice versa.

Im sure next week will be better
Have you been drinking a lot of water?
Did you drink some before your weigh in? Each litre can weigh 2 lbs {I think??} so it could just be the water intake that is making you weigh heavier - if it is water - you will be like for like next week and should show a great weight loss - so keep at it!
Good luck
Thank you everyone for your support - I will carry on my efforts and keep you updated :)

I feel much more positive because you are all behind me!!:D
Hi Sable,

Good to hear your feeling a bit better!

What Nadine has said about the weight of water is a valid point.

I know the class leader I had at WW said to go easy on drinking water/tea/coffee etc., for about two hours before weigh in.

Love Mini xxx