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feeling down..


Minimins is the best!
hi guys
just got back from WI and feeling down.
I did OK, i lost 2lbs...i was 4lbs away from my 3 stone and i really really really wanted it tonight!
i know ive done well up to now (i only started at the beginning of feb)but i still just look at myself and know ive got such a looooonnnggg way to go and i get so depressed!
i feel sick thinking about how far ive still got to go...
whats making it worse is DH and I are starting the adoption process and had initial visit, social worker was nice but mentioned my weight, and said i have to have a full medical and im really scared!!!!! im worried there will be something wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone keeps telling me not to worry (its in a few months at least and i will have lost even more weight) but i i cant help it! i know im being negative but grrrrrrr!
i know this is cause its TOTM next week so im feeling really tearful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feel like a right plum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry:
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OK Missy

Stop that at once !!! I would like you to go to the kitchen and weight out 2lb on the scales and then take a long hard look at it. Now visualise that weight mass as fat now gone forever and ever.

Your loss is bloody brillant!! you will achieve your goal lose , prahaps not this week and it may not be next week but you will do it. And the reason why I know that is becuase that feeling you have , of disappointment will push you on and and make you even more fixed on that goal.

You will do it !!!!

Phil xx


Minimins is the best!
ah thanks phil!! you have done so well too!
its just i tink 3 stone is great..but when i want to loose another 6 it seems so far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for the words of encouragement i will go and give myself a slap and a talking to!!!

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