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"-" feeling fab friday "-"

Missing somewhere to moan lol

Went to a play centre with kids an hubby last night and enjoyed it soo much! Last time I went I was out of breath climbing one set of stairs! This time I was running about enjoying it, even fitted through the roller things I couldn't even get my arm through last time! Then we all went on the bumper cars and managed to fit on with DD!

There was a bloke who worked there and he was proper flirting with me lmao I was so embarrassed!

But yeah enjoyed it so much and haven't laughed so much in ages! Even DD said "mummy you laughed sooo much when we was bumping into daddys car" lol
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On a mission
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Aw I can't wait to do fun things like that when my LO gets older

Check you out miss hot!!

Off swimming this afternoon with my baby. I finally feel like people aren't looking at me anymore and accept me as one of them!

Oooo and a 6lb weight loss in 2 days
morning :)

Kimmie ... i love love soft play centres , my LO is only 18 months so I still have the excuse that I need to go up with her and on the big slides ( now i can fit my bum on them :) ) and dodgems sound loads of fun , not been on any in years :)

Chele , what a fabulous loss in 2 days .. its going to be a brilliant loss for you this week :)

Well I got back from work at 8 this morning , had a good night , its amazing to have a job I actually look forward to now rather than dread like the job I have just left :) I managed my shakes ok , although felt very wobbly during the night and seriously lacking in energy , wonder if its because my BMI is nearly 25 and I need to go onto 810 soon ?? I am kinda looking forward to it , was on 810 before and it was great , but its not as simple and easy to stick to as SS ... hmmmm

well i got home and made a chicken and leek pie from scratch ( one of mine , hubby and kids faves ) and put it in the fridge to cook when I get up :) I have also got syrup sponge and custard for tea, my parents are staying after they have looked after the kids so i can grab a few hours kip .... am a feeder !!!#

and on a very exciting note ( for me anyway !!) I bought a size 12 top today and its perfect .. I can get into size 12 jeans too but not got any yet as my 14's arent falling down yet .. but OMG .... 12 months ago I was a size 26 ... never in a million years did i think I would get in a 12 .. my aim was 14-16 :D:eek::D:eek::D


please try again
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whit woo you sexy ladies!

cant decide if i feel fab or not today, lol pain in my ears getting me down somewhat but im still having fun, lol
Lol my little boy is 15mths so I need to go on with him ;) lol

Omg size 12!!! You lucky thing! I want to be in soze 12 by July (16 on top and 18-20bottom ATM) but I don't think il make it! We wa the same size starting size!

Ohhh swimming I want to go swimming but the skin between my legs sag abit and doesn't look good! :(

Hope you all have a good day :) iv just done my cleaning, of to take my niece bowling tonight for her 10th day! I can't beleve she's 10! She's been through so much in such a short life :( She's stunning and lol wants to be a model when she's older lol

So going to chill out for abit now lol
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I've been waiting in the doctors now for nearly a hour I am hungry boredom = food for! Just keep taking my water and try n read but the kids are getting bored!
good morning ladies. hope u are all well. sounds like everyone has been having fun.
i have just got back from the doctors, now armed with more movicol and some psylium husk capsules.
fingers crossed they will get things moving.
off to buy some new underwear today and hoping to find a nice top a few sizes too small to buy as a motivational tool over the next few months.
the only down side to going shopping is i tend to not drink very much (usually drink 4litres a day but only around 2 litres if im out most the day).
also browsing some treadmills and power plates at decathlon to see if i can finally make a decision which to buy :rolleyes:
gl to anyone weighing in today.
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Yay to the shops for the first time the boys got there usual sweets on a Friday and it felt fine yes sure I wanted some but I chooses not too if that makes sense!

Feeling good. Got some lovely bath stuff and am dying my hair just now :)



Why Be Normal?
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Hi Ladies,

I'm having an "even steven" Friday -- got my teeth cleaned and checked and they are pretty good :) But, need some work: an old filling replaced and small new one. :(

Went to the car wash on the way home... and no line! :) But, my car did not really get all that clean. :(

The vacuum service guy showed up right on time!!! :) -- He totally cleaned the machine (and, although I said I was not going to do anything other than have it cleaned -- I had him replace both filters and clutch assembly). If my friend's husband had not been here (he stopped by for coffee and to pick something up) and he said it looked as if it needed doing... I wouldn't have okayed it. But, I spent a lot more money than I'd planned and I know that DH will be annoyed. :(

But the vacuum works as if it was new. :) It was nice to see my friend's husband and have a wee chat. :) But, then another friend dropped by and she is in a sad mood. :(

So, I hoping the rest of day has more smiles than frowns... or this might be "frowny Friday".



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Arghhhghghgh I'm having a crappy day!!!! Was planning on a weekend away next weekend and have tickets for an event booked and got my payslip today and I've been put on emergency tax and taxed £300 extra!!!!! Which means I now can't go next weekend and if I can't sell the tickets on I will lose out on another 40 quid :( Been taken on permanently at work last month and they didn't pay me properly last month so been skint all month and now will be skint another month until I get my tax back.

And I'm still ill with an ear infection/tonsillitis so eating 'normally' and I feel so fat! I hate food :(

On a lighter note, my lovely male coworker decided to tell me about a girl he once went out with who was 17 stone and I told him I was 14 stone and he didn't believe me! He said I can't be over 11st. What the hell! So weird cos he's always very blunt so I don't even think he's lying haha :D he's obviously got a strange perception of ladies weight but it made me happy haha.

Hope everyones having a good weekend.


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Wow Felix --

I am not sure what emergency tax is -- but it seems to create urgent situations. I am so sorry.

It is good that you carry your weight so well -- and you co-worker was trustworthy in his compliments.

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Felix it's crap when that happens it's only cause they don't have a tax code for you! But you will get it back when they do tax rebate!


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Thanks both of you. Sorry for the massive moan! Haha. It's just annoying because i desperately need the money they have overtaxed me and don't want to be lending money off my OH all month again because he's only a student and it makes me feel guilty!

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