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feeling fed up

had a low loss on week 2 and just got on the scales to night and not lost anything since Thursday and i know my scales are spot on just don't know whats going on :confused: increased my water intake too drinking 4 liters a day now just confused not eating yet not lost any thing :confused:just don't get it .
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
If your weigh in is not until thursday, then don't be panicking. I know we all tend to sneak a weigh in every so often but it is not reliable. I did the same last week and was down only a pound but it worked out fine by the weigh in. At the end of the day, even if you don't show a loss this week you will balance out over the weeks. You started out with a phenomenal loss and that has possibley raised your expectations. Hang tough, you will be fine.
No BWB don't be weighing yourself anywhere other than the chemist. It can be so deceiving and disheartening.

You could lose the majority of your weight in the next couple of days. Please don't torture yourself and made yourself sad :(

Wait until Thursday and I bet you'll be surprised. You losses so far have been fantastic. 19lbs in 2 weeks is amazing.
Its somewhat normal to have low and high weeks particularly as your body starts to switch over to proper fat burning (rather than eating up all your glycogen and getting rid of the water needed to store it).

One thing I've found that is useful to give your body an extra kick start to keeping your metabolism up is just doing 20 minutes of exercise a day (I prefer cycling or walking).

Best bet is to just stick with it and keep motivated.
try not to be disheartened (easier said than done i know) but stick with it then ask the questions on weigh in day if you don't get a loss. But as said above i'm sure things will move in the right direction given time xx
A lot can change between now & Thursday! It's really not wise to weigh yourself in-between weigh ins (I'm guilty of it too on occasion & really, sometimes I seem to lose 4lbs over night!) Don't be discouraged! Even if you have a not so great weigh in again on Thursday, it evens out! I've had two disappointing weigh ins lately, but, I've lost quite a few inches (have you been measuring?) so I'm not too upset! It will even out! Promise!

Good luck :)

Welsh... according to your signature you have lost 19 lbs in just 2 weeks. Don't try to spin this into something negative. What I do when I hit a plateau is this:

1: Reiterate to myself why it happens and that it is normal.
2: I find something that weighs 19lbs or whatever it is I have lost and pick it up, and realize that it's a shitload of fat you have lost!

Maintain positive and realistic. 19 lbs in just over two weeks is amazing. Also, you must realize this, because there is no way to keep up that kind of loss rate going forward, regardless of method used.
agree with all said hun.
try not to weigh yourself between official weigh ins.
you have to remember that any loss is good and that it will even out so you lose 1.5 stone a month.
chin up x

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