Feeling guilty about losing weight like this

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  1. MaxieP

    MaxieP Full Member

    This may sound very odd and I am not in any way meaning to belittle anyone else.

    I have lost 6 stone on a combination of LL and CD. I have a bit of an addictive personality I guess and am very 'all or nothing'. Although at times the diet was hard, for a few reasons (i don't have a family to cook for, work 9 to 5 etc) it wasn't too bad and I managed not to cheat at all. I think I actually found it easier than ww and other diets because I didn't have to think about food at meal times etc.

    The thing is that now I kind of feel bad and feel a little like I have cheated. I guess I expected and felt I deserved a big struggle to lose the weight, but that never happened to the extent I thought. On some level I think that now I don't think I deserve to stay slim because I feel like I have cheated to get here.

    Does anyone else feel like this? Like I say, I'm not trying to boast that I found this easy, because I didn't, just easier than I thought. I suppose I thought I'd feel one way when I got to goal, but really don't and am almost more self critical now. I don't understand!
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  3. yo-yo-dieter

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    I feel like I am cheating too. A diet counsellor (SW or WW) once said in class "Diets can be quick or easy, they are never both" - but I think I have found the exception to the rule!! I feel like I am cheating simply because I find it TOO easy. It works really well for me and I don't feel the need to cheat at all.

    However, you tell ANYONE about it, and you can guarantee you will be met with "OH MY GOD, I'd NEVER be able to do that, give up food - are you mad?", so we can't be cheating can we?
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  4. sonkie

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    I admit to being one of these people, a lady from school started on lipotrim and I said there is no way on this earth that i can give up food.

    And here I am 6 stone down the road and loving the diet, though I changed to cd in May
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  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    I was exactly the same.

    Since starting to study my NLP training and general human nature I have definately come to realise that if you enjoy the diet you are more likely to be successful and also find the diet easy. I am intending on doing a written piece on how positive mental attitude towards Cambridge can help massively and then give this to my clients.

    It is the ones who breeze in each week with a smile and a joke that tend to be the ones that lose the most weight which is why I always try and get people to enjoy losing weight, at the end of the day you look better, feel better, get to buy nicer clothes and generally feel good so why wouldn't you enjoy it!!

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  6. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

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    ur not cheating..ssing is not easy and takes a lot of determination and willpower. What ever it takes to get there..i'll do it. just enjoy the w.loss.

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  7. SandraEG

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    Lighter Life
    It's definitely not cheating. I used to feel that way about people who had surgery or whatever - and while I still think a lot of people choose that because they think of it as the easy option - it is not easy.

    Losing weight is not easy - full stop. It takes determination and a desire to change your life.

    I'm so pleased that you haven't felt the need to cheat. Unfortunately I have cheated and I am finding it a real struggle to get back on the wagon. This had made me realise that having the right mental attitude when you start the diet counts for a lot. For some reason I was able to commit to it fully in the first few weeks. Rediscovering that commitment is much harder once you've fallen.

    So don't beat yourself up with thoughts of losing weight the easy way - you have just chosen the best way that works for you. ;)
  8. Karen

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    sounds to me that u jnust found the right diet at the right time. Im sure there have been plenty of points in ur life where SSing would have been less likely to work for u. U just found urself ready to do it and on it at the right time for u so thats fantastic. Whatever else, u do deserve to be where u r. u have done incredibly well at something many people wouldnt. well done
  9. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    Hi MaxieP,

    I know what you mean, I have found it incredibly straight forward to stick too. When my Mother-in-Law tells me I'm doing so well I feel really uncomfortable and guilty and tell her it is not really me doing it.

    I don't want any credit for doing the diet, because I fel like it is the diet doing it for me.

    You do deserve the success though, you deserve success for controlling yourself, for taking the decision to do the diet in the first place, even for the financial sacrifice.

    You definitely deserve to be at goal and to stick at goal.

  10. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Just make sure that you use that all or nothing approach to a VLCD when you maintain and remember it is not that tough in the future to not have a pudding or to turn down a cake in the office etc.

  11. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Hi MaxieP

    Well done for being so focused and definitely don't beat yourself up for succeeding without having - seemingly - to have struggled. A VLCD IS hardcore, no two ways about it.

    I wonder if it isn't that you feel guilty about "cheating" because it was so straightforward but more, why didn't I do this years ago (if it was this easy)?

    Just a thought! Anyway, celebrate your success and be happy that you have done it without too much pain - that's got to be a really good thing!

    As IceMoose says, use that attitude to your benefit, in the future.

    Well done.

    Mrs L xx
  12. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    What a great post!
  13. Frejja

    Frejja Silver Member

    Hi MaxieP, I also lost 6 stone thru a combination of LL and then CD. It was the hardest and the easiest diet I've ever been on! I know what you mean though, almost you feel you don't deserve to be slim and you won't stay that way. The thing is we've created this new slim reality thru our own efforts and we found this diet and stuck to it - many people can't...so try to celebrate your success...you found sth that works for you. Now enjoy the fruits of your labour!
  14. mikey

    mikey Silver Member

    I've lost around 7 stone in total now, and I too have had feelings of guilt. On reading this thread, my wife Sarah said that the guilt could be partly to ddo with the fact that we were carrying around all that weight for so long unnecessarily, and that we feel we should have done it years ago.

    She might have a point - what do you think.

    BTW Icemoose, your pics in your blog still amaze me - I found your blog when reading my mate James Brinkworth's blog a while back - I have to say that you have been a bit of an inspiration to me - especially the Florida piccies, as I had the same problems in the amusement parks when I was fat. I felt horrible, hot and found it claustrophobic when strapped into the incredible hulk ride at Universal. I thought I would not be able to breathe when they pushed the bar down!
  15. glittery

    glittery Member

    Losing 6 stone is a massive achievement and you should give yourself a big pat on the back. You have nothing to feel guilty about because you have done absolutely nothing wrong (in fact it sounds like you've done lots of things right!). There are no "rules" to losing weight, therefore you haven't cheated anything.

    I think it's great that you've got such positive memories of weight loss - you should hold on to that, not beat yourself up over it! Far too many people waffle on about difficult it is to be slim, making it sound like losing weight is something that you need a superhuman willpower to succeed at. It's refreshing when people honestly say they have done it with ease. Inspirational!
  16. gobubbles

    gobubbles Live the dream...

    Very interesting post, as others have said. I thought I'd add my two pence worth, although a bit late...

    Had you set yourself up for failure in your mind? Maybe you need to train your mind to accept that you've been a great success. Even if you don't believe in an NLP-ish approach, I'd try to work on some positive affirmations about deserving to be slim, because you need to convince yourself that you do, so that no self-sabotaging thought can take root in your mind. You have every right to be slim - you've worked hard at it, you've done everything right and you deserve 100% to be slim now. You got no more no less than you deserved. You made it happen. Enjoy it - it's entirely your own success!

  17. keikoamaya

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    I hope one day I get that guilty feeling.... for losing weight on these diets!!! I'm just starting out, AGAIN... I tried LL the year before last and it all went to pot when I moved to a country that didn't have LL. It was my excuse I guess, to go back to bad eating habits and putting the weight on. That is what makes me feel guilty - all the hard work, and success I destroyed by letting myself put the weight on again, what a waste, and how terribly unhealthy!

    I have just done my first week and my weigh in is tomorrow morning, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's a good result. I am praying that your fantastic results keep me motivated to continue, to sort out my eating habits and to maintain a healthy weight - and gorgeous figure - once I lose these horrible excess stone!

    So to end... Don't feel guilty for being amazing, you've done something inspirational even if you don't think the effort was all that ;) Keeping it off will be a persistent reminder of how awesome you are!

    Thanks again for the post ;)
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