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Feeling Guilty!

I was doing really well, lost 4lbs in first week, then lost 2lbs, but just came back off holiday and feel like i've probably gained the weight i've already lost! :(

Any idea on the best thing to do? Weigh inn is on Monday, should i carry on with WW for the next few days then give it a good go next week?

Feel really bad as i don't know why i ate badly on holiday, i was determined not too
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its a holiday - forget about it :) just get back on track xxx
Aw hun sorry your feeling like this but it was your holiday and you should enjoy yourself so dont be worrying about it now. Just get back on the point counting and start from there and youll be just fine. You have been doing fantastic with the losses so far :) And rem even if you get on the scales and it seems a bit high most of that will be water retention from hols and will be off in no time.
Best of luck hun
Cath xox
Thank you everyone! Your words are very encouraging! I have gone back to WW straight away, but feeling bloated and sluggish because of the junk food i ate whilst i was away, now when i see sweets/cakes/junk food i'm thinking 'well surely one more thing won't hurt' it's really difficult to force myself away from it, but i am just about :)

Thanks once again, weigh inn time on Monday so will see how much damage the holiday actually did!

PS: I can't see how i thank people? Don't know if i need more posts, but if that's the case i'll come back and thank you all once i'm allowed :) xxx
i agree with the other girls, you had a holiday and are more than entitiled to have funa and eat what you want as i know i would be miserable if all i had to look forward to salad :(

your doing the right thing by getting back to it and maybe it wont be as bad as you think :)
Thank you both, really appreciate the motivation! I will do it, determined too! :) Just got everything crossed for Monday now :) xxx
Amazing news.... i lost 1lb!! Even with going on holiday! So pleased i didn't put any on! :) Thank you everyone for your support and uplifting spirit, back to usual this week! Hope everyone is doing well!! :) xxx
Thanks everyone :) Holiday was definitely worth it, but back to usual this week and doing good :)
Well done on your 1lb loss after your hols fab stuff!

Good luck for this week hun


Thank you so much, can't wait for Monday to get weighed again! Good luck too! :)
hope you've had a good week so far and good luck for monday WI - mine is monday too :)
hope you've had a good week so far and good luck for monday WI - mine is monday too :)
Thank you! I'd be happy with anything this week as been unwell all week so haven't been able to be up and active! So hopefully just the sticking to the points would of done the trick :) One day to go!! Good luck too! :D
aww no! hope you feel better soon chick xxx
aww no! hope you feel better soon chick xxx
Aww thank you! Hopefully will, blame my brother who I've got it off! Lol damn siblings! ;)

Feeling bit better today just a damn cough now, gonna see how the WI goes on Monday and then start exercising more no matter if the annoying cough hasn't disappeared lol :)

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