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Feeling Hungry

I'm at the end of my second week. First week I was following SS and had one SS+ meal at the weekend and I found it easy. This week I had SS+ meals Thu, Fri and Sat, more for social reasons than hunger. But Yesterday and today I feel hungry tho I must still be ketosis?? I'm fighting it and just thinking of my WI tomorrow. Does everyone else feel hungry a couple of weeks in? x
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I've been feeling hungry. Or is it hungry?
I don't even know. Maybe its just cravings.
You will be able to have bars after your weigh in tomorrow won't you? Do you think that will help?


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awww nette i hope this passes for you soon i had one day of been really hungry i was climbling walls and close to tears when hubby came home but went to bed and it was all gone next day and not back

sweetascandy how r u feeling now? and good on you for not giving up :) i know you will do this


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Maybe it's just missing food, I started to imagine I could smell garlic bread..I could almost taste it..lol. Think I better go to bed!! x
funny you said that today while at work i was adamant i could smell toast cooking maybe it our mind playing games


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Go dream about something worthwhile like Gerard butler mmmmm lol x

I will not give up this time

MMMMMM yummmy val kilmer oh that smile he does in top gun turns me to jelly lol
LOL @ what you guys dream about!

Nette, I do not feel hunger but do have food cravings. I only feel slightly hungry after having too many sweetners in my tea/coffee. I have read that people who do SS+ may be more prone to hunger/cravings.

Be strong & do not give in!
Nette - I tend to agree I find after a SS+ meal its like I've reignited the hunger but then am I really hungry, its a tough call really could just be craving. Anyway enough rambling, well done you for not giving in and offing yourself to bed. Hope today is better for you - good luck with your weigh in today. - PGD :) x
I'm on day 14 today & I'm hungry too! I've been doing ss... I just want it to pass as I was fine up until yesterday evening then started being hungry & even feel hungry 30 mins after a shake! Fingers crossed tomorrow is better!
I am Bloomin starving today, I have just had my last shake and I'm so hungry I don't know what to do with myself!!
Oh dear not good. I have been quite lucky and not feeling hungry (yet ). But It may happen. Hope it sorts out soon and u all feel full again


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If you can get through the first week doing just SS then it gets better, what I find strange when on SS is that although your not hungry, you never feel full either...

All cravings are in your head, your body is getting enough nutrition, maybe it's just your body in the habit of eating as well? Rather than cravings?
I am in my 4th week and having the worst hunger so far! X


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Oh dear! Keep going as you will feel better for it than if you cheat :)

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