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feeling ill and need comfort food!


has a thin girl inside!
JackieN said:
do you follow EE Cai? if so what about a beef or veggie cobbler? have you seen that recipe?

also the lentil and bacon soup is amazingly filling and lovely too
oh and meant to say hope you feel better soon x
Thanks :) will find the cobbler recipe...and then try get hubby to make it (ha) x
Im not sure about Syns, because I am on weight watchers but a few things I have picked up along the way that are low calorie are:
- Curly wurly's
- Skip's crisps
- Ginger biscuits
- Jaffa cakes
- Dairy lea triangles!!

All these things help me out when I want comfort food.
Get well soon xxx


One day at a time, one step at a time
One of the lovely ladies on here came up with the beef cobbler recipe, Michelle, so not sure if it ever got put in the recipe section but we've had it three times and love it

Beef cobbler

for the beef bit

packet of extra lean minced beef
2 oxo cubes
garden peas

brown mince, drain any fat, add onions, mushrooms, peas, make oxo into gravy and add

Cobbler mix
1 pk smash
1 tub syn free cottage cheese
3 eggs
salt pepper
enough water only a splash to form this mix into scones

put beef mixture in an oven proof dish, top with scones and take for around 25 mins until golden brown

IF you want real comfort food add 28g of grated cheddar to the scone mix. Absolutely makes them :D and as I got 12 flat scones out of my mix thats only 1/2 syn a scone

also as the scones are very filling, just serve with veggies :D


has a thin girl inside!
All wonderful idea!!! Just wish hubby had an idea about cooking! Ha ha.

Is the curly wurly cake on this site? I may look that one up for when I'm better!!
how about fake tomato soup, its a lot like heinz tom soup...

tin toms
tin carrots
tin baked beans
3 pickled onions
splash worcester sauce
splash balsamic vinegar
some passata to thin down

just put it all in a pan, whizz it with you hand blender then heat,

adjust the balsamic vinegar, worcester sauce to taste and add passata to make the right conistency

I thought it was similar enough to heinz to replace it

good luck and hope you feel better soon x

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