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Morning, im not very well 2day, my whole head feels congested and my throat is killing.:cry: can i have throat sweets or anything? please say i can cuz its hurting.

was in a rush to get ready this morning as been up all night feeling rough, grabbed the wrong top, it was one of my old size 12s. couldnt believe that it fit me. my belly tooks really thin and i can see the definition lines again, not seen then for ages. when i dropped kids at school the other moms were all asking how much weight id lost and that i looked really good. that was nice to hear.

anyway no gym or swimming for me today, gonna stay home and rest so prob be on here most the day.

x x
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NO to throat sweets.

I'd recommend hot tea - really soothes :) I had a nasty cold and sore throat recently and it definitely helped, i was practically downing the stuff!

Or hot water if you're not a tea drinker.
know how you feel hun.
i'm the same today.

don't have any cough or throat sweets hun.
do as elle says and drink lots of hot drinks to try to sooth instead.

hope you feel better soon x
gutted i cant have throat sweets, thought as much though.

i need to clean up from breakfast but just dont the energy. think i might have to go back to bed.
if ya can go back to bed hun,do it.
nothing worse than feeling rough and the dishes etc will still be there when you feel ready to do them x
right im gona clean up, need to pick daughter up at 1pm so dont trust myself to wake up on time.
least i'll feel slightly happier if the house if all tidy.
awww hun

look after yourself- nice hot bath and maybe a peppermint tea?

Take care


p.s- great news about the positive comments from the other Mums!
Thank goodness have not been whilst on this diet, but maybe sucking on ice cubes would help ease the discomfort, or even (not tried it, so maybe horrible), freezing some peppermint tea and sucking on that... just some ideas to try and help you feel better.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Never rains but it pours!! Pity about the bad throat. Keep sipping water, tea and some ice to soothe it. It will pass, just makes you a misery for now. Take care of yourself.
*hugs* Jenny. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly sweetie. Take it easy, rest when you can and drink plenty.

Wow size 12! Amazing! You deserve all those compliments, and there'll be so many more to come as you'll losing the weight so quickly!

Hope you're cuddled up in bed getting plenty of sleep

thx guys. still feeling really rough but managed 2 sleep better so dont feel totally dead 2day.
hoping im better for sat as its my daughters 4th birthday then mine on tues.

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