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feeling low...



hoping for a good loss
hgus chick, can you maybe treat yourself in some way rather than nibbling?

Hope your mood lifts soon x


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i've heard this before, so why is week 7/8 tough
Hey babes, we've all be through this at some point or another and in the past we've found comfort in food and hence we're al here. It can be difficult when we've used food to take away our misery and now it's not an option, but instead of thinking about it divert your attention. Do other things like watch TV or a film. May be dilute your water with a little bit of squash and think you're drinking a cocktail and d some online shopping. Think of everything you'll accomplish once you've reached the goal. Lovely outfis, brilliant holidays where you can look your best. Make a list of things you want to do, i.e. bungee jumping or anything which you like. We're all human andwe'll always have down moments. We are all here for you whenever you feel down come to us :) I hope you feel better very soon. xx

Gaelic Faery

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Why don't you read "The Secret"? My mam sent it to me for my birthday with a lovely personal message on the inside cover and I've been in a great mood ever since! I'm a cynic by nature and if this book can cheer me up it can work for anyone :D
Whats the secret about? - please dont say its a secret haha :p <3 xxx

Aw leedslass hun dont get done you should be so happy you have lost 18lb already!! Yourdoing bloody fantastic hun. Pm me is you need anything hun <3 xxxx
thanks for the messages everyone. dont know what is up with me at the moment! must be wk7 blues.... messages have helped!


hoping for a good loss
This diet can be so tough sometimes, but think how amazing you are going to look when you have lost the weight. xx


She's me in a few months
I'm readin the secret at the moment. It's very similiar to cosmic ordering, the theory that you can achieve what you want just by changing the way you think. I'm a big believer in it. Right where is that perfect job......................


running strictly on fat!
I've been feeling rather low lately as well....

Might check this book out - every little helps! xxx

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Hey Tasha,

It's exactly what scooterchick says it is, it's all about positive thinking bringing positive results. The more I read it and look at negative people the more I want to be positive. :D Now I just need the perfect job...and the perfect wardrobe haha!


hoping for a good loss
Golly, I find it so hard to be positive. Might have to check the book out too
Well talking about the perfect job... Sorry guys but i have the PERFECT job hehe!! I work in a community transport office (i work alongside the Driving Instructor) I am her side kick haha! I LOVE my job so so so much hehe!

I saved £3000 for my ADI course (training to become a Driving Instructor) and never had the money to put in for my first theory test as i was on JSA. I finally found the perfect job through New Deal at the job centre and worked for the company i am currently working for 3months full time just getting £45 a week. They kept me on after the 3months and i started working for MONEY in jan hehe!

My employment support officer (which i get because i was on JSA so long) Met me last week and told me they will pay for my ADI tests hehe! I my thoery test to be a driving Instructor is going to be booked for the beginning of April yay!!

I cant believe how much my life has changed this year, its all falling into place. Losing weight becoming a ADI my dream job, and working somewhere i REALLY love.

Perfect little life i have going on at the moment.

:D xxxx


She's me in a few months
I've just applied for a job as a breastfeeding co-ordinator, my dream job, get paid to go onabout how good breastfeeding is, wish me luck!
tasha - so happy for you!

its morbid i know, but there is some comfort in knowing that others are feeling low too sometimes. i just cant wait for this week to be over and to start a new week although iwill try some positive thinking and try and generate a loss this week!

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
That's very cool tasha! And hope you get the job scooterchick!!

My dream job is to be a barrister and a New York attorney at law :) Hopefully I'll be both in the next couple years...by the time I'm qualified I'll have spent 8years getting there, better be worth it :p

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