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Feeling Low

S: 17st9lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 1st11lb(10.12%)
:(Hi all,feeling really low today.It is day 6 of CD and my mood has taken a major dip,also feeling really cold and tired.Has anyone else felt like this? I keep asking myself if I made right decision to do this as I really miss eating normal food! :sigh:
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Hi hun, yes you have made the right choice doing cd, I also had mood dips for probably the 1st couple of weeks hun and the coldness is ketosis hun.

You will start to feel better as time goes on, you can do this just look and every1s results you will be one of the people on here to inspire others soon.xx


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S: 18st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 8st11lb Loss: 3st8lb(18.87%)
Hi Baby Jane.

I can't say I suffered a dip but on & off during the 8 weeks I've been SSing I've felt real cold & extremely tired. Some days I've had a huge energy boost but for the most part I've felt tired.

For the first 2 weeks tho' I was very snappy with the OH.

Don't give up - you're on day 6 & I would hope that the low feeling is to do initially with ketosis. Saying that the bloody weather don't help, dull, cloudy, wet & cold.

Hang in there hun. :) xx


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Hi babyjane, sorry to hear you are feeling low, i'm on Day5 myself and the first 3 days i was freezing and tired, cheered myself up my reading loads of inspirational stuff on here, having my choc orange shake nice n warm and having a hot bath. whatever this diet does to my mood it can't be as bad as the misery i've felt of wanting to lose weight and then not doing anything about it. Hope you feel better soon xx
Hi Babyjane I'm also on day 6 and feel exactly the same - I came into the house, after being out all morning and my husband was horrified that I wanted to put the heating on!!! Maybe it is me - (sat here in a jumper now).
Do you use tetras or the packets - I only use tretras I can't get on with anything else. Anyway, as an alternative have you tried mixing your tetra with hot water from the kettle - it warms you up and makes it last longer. This is the only way I have mine now.
I'm really struggling today as my daughters left over birthday cake from a party she went to this morning (too big slice for a child) is starring at me.
Hang in there, think of your goal and why you are doing this in the first place, and finally do you really want to go through getting into ketsosis again. Maybe weekends will be your biggest challenge as your normal routine is broken.
I will come back on the boards this evening to check how you are getting on - see if you can get through to this evening.

Hi BabyJane,
You are doing fabulous, I remember getting cold the last time I CD'd and you are bound to get a little tired after all we are all doing a VLCD. Your personal sabbotarge system is probably also kicking in a little trying to make you jump off the waggon. I am only day 4 this time around, but whenever I doubt things, I just think... I am in control, and I will beat this!
Luck forward to your first weigh in as this will make you feel so much better and give you the boost you need,

S: 17st9lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 1st11lb(10.12%)
Thanks for all your comments,just made myself a hot coffee,will post tomorrow after my 1st weigh in!
S: 17st9lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 1st11lb(10.12%)
Hi Mandy, I too have made hot drinks with the Tetra's. I usually keep them for my work as they are easier to use than the pkts. I also struggled when giving my kids some snacks but will power is still there - only just.Going to my mums for dinner tonight, everone else will be having steak pie while i'll be on a soup! It's times like this that makes it hard! But I keep telling myself it won't be forever!


A pound at a time
Aww hun you're almost over the hump. Pretty soon you should be feeling much better. Do you like any of the soups? Maybe having a warm soup would warm you up. I know when I would have a shake I would be cold for a long time, so I'd have a soup. What about a cup of tea or coffee?


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Whenever you feel cold, you should be feeling great and fantastic not low. Let me explain: Chewing and eating food makes your body warm. It's processing all that crap. Ketosis will therefore make you cold. Also, when you lose fat weight, you lose insulation. This means there is less fat to keep your body warm. So feel great - cold means skinnier!!! You are shivering your way to a skinnier you! :D

You can do this!! And feel free to poke me and get my attnetion any time you need anything. :)


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hi baby jane
1st well done for starting ss
its not an easy thing to do and you have loads of emotions going on
you fell tired

just about crap in fact but it will pass
i am on day 6 of a restart and boy have i wanted to cheat but i come on here and think how everyone looks great at goal weight and it keeps me motivated
yesterday i wanted to scream

in the end i cried all over a slice of cheese

it felt good afterwards that i had conquered my cheese fight

its those little battles that keep you going
if you can get past the 1st week without nibbling then thats it you will succeed
you can do this
so remember
hot drinks
lots of baths pamper yourself
and come on here
you can do this go for it girl

good luck



The Nerdy Singer
How are you doing today? I hope well. xx

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