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  1. classy76

    classy76 Full Member

    I'm having problems with 1 of my parents and yesterday they were'nt great.:sigh::sigh:

    So normally, I would be upset and come home and eat and eat to console myself. Normally I wouldn't even sit down I would stand in the kitchen and what ever came to hand would be eaten.

    Well Yippee I don't even feel tempted and I've made every meal for the family but not even interested. So that bit seems better.

    But now of course I've no where to hide and need to put into play a new behaviour to get this out of my system-does this make any sense.

    I cheated and had a beta-blocker so can't feel nowt at the mo!!!

    I suddenly had a complete flip as it suddenly occurred to me that on this diet I could be thin-ish and what would I do. I've always been the big 1 and hidden I supose behind this. This is going to re-define who I am and I'm not sure how to handle it.

    Incase it's not too clear!!!!!I feel a bit emontionally challenged today:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:

    Sorry to let rip
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  3. Cathy

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    You know what? lots of us feel like this. We've hidden behind our fat and used food to stop us speaking out, or dealing with stuff.
    It's scary when you can't turn to food as a relief, or coping mechanism. We have to think about it when on LT, instead of burying it under food/fat. This is why it works so well being totally divorced from food and eating.
    Stick with it, after a while you DO learn how to cope with situations and issues.
    You did brilliantly today not to cave in, Well done you! xx
  4. liberty_girl

    liberty_girl Peace Love Happiness

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    Well said Cathy.

    Good on you classy for not eating and going down that road.

    And as far as I am concerned you don't need to apologise, we are here for each other xxxx
  5. Lissy25

    Lissy25 Full Member

    Well done staying strong classy xx
  6. thefutureisbright

    thefutureisbright Banned

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    yay! u go girl! stay strong and focused and become the real you xox

    I can tell u that I really feel like me now - I am soooo happy it just shines through to everyone I meet - being the real u is what life is all about and when you get to goal u feel so confident and sure of yourself - its awesome and money cannot buy this feeling xox

  7. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    Well done for not caving in. I know I put on a lot of weight a few years ago when I was teaching in a school I absolutely hated! The stress of it all was what led me to comfort eat. I am in awe of your will power. Well done.

  8. classy76

    classy76 Full Member

    Ta gals, feeling a bit better now. I've been out to work and just got back. So it forced me to focus on work, which was better.
    Many thanks for the support xx
  9. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    ok, lemme tell ya a story

    I have also hidden behind my weight - have blamed everything bad that has ever happened to me in my adult life on my weight and used it as a crutch.

    I used to be the bubbly fat girl peeps wanted to go out with cos i made them feel better - but........

    ..........u get to a stage in ur life when u realise - i know who i am - i accept, even embrace, my flaws, i am worth more than a big mac meal with large fries.

    i am worthy of a wolfwhistle when i pass a building site

    I am worthy of my boyf sneaking behind me as i wash the pots, putting his arms around me and kissing my neck

    I am worthy of the compliments i get every day

    I am worthy

    I am

    and heres the shocker....

    so the bloody hell are you missus!!!

    keep supping those shakes, smile more than you have ever smiled before....be happy, love yourself as your nearest and dearest love you.

    we are all worthy...even in our darkest most miserable grumpy moments...we are


  10. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

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