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feeling meh!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Browsie, 11 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Browsie

    Browsie Silver Member

    I am fed up!

    I have been doing SW on / off for yrs. Since having my second child (three yrs ago on sunday) I have been trying to lose the 'baby weight'. The latest attempt started in Sept 2013 and I am heavier now than when I started!

    I must have and lost (and gained) at least 2 stone but in little 2lb on, 1 off, 1/2 on, 2 off kind of way. I am just thinking this is me, I'm a size 16 and fairly fit so why not be happy with my lot. BUT, I am sat in a hot office and will not take off my cardigan, cause of fat arms, or the scarf round my neck which is hiding all my front bumps of which there are many!

    The last 4 weeks I lost for 3 wks in a row a total of 3 lbs all together, but in week 4 I put 2 back on. So one lb donw in a month, nut I'm still heavier than when I started.

    I am thinking of summer and could seriously cry! Why can't I just do it? HELP!!
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  3. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    Browsie, I could have written a lot of what you have myself! I had my son almost a year ago and did really well after he was born in losing the weight. But since going back to work in October, it has been creeping up and up. I put a cardigan on today and it's tighter on me now than when I was 6 months pregnant! I am not amused!

    Personally, I've had to get to a point where I want it badly enough. I'm at a place where my head is in the right frame of mind.
  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    So what happens so you go off plan? Cba, moods, simplicity, what, once you can sort that out you can then try & get to a stage were you are losing more than gaining and start to feel better about yourself.
  5. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    I'm wondering: do you go to a group? Or, have you joined SW online? Or, are you "winging it" alone? It would help to know :)

    You clearly have a busy life with 2 young children and working, so, I'm also wondering if you are not quite following SW as strictly as you could? :confused:

    For your arms, maybe, while you are sat watching TV, you could hold a can of beans in each hand and do some bicep curls and then some tricep exercises?

    Perhaps if you could give us a little bit more about yourself and how you are doing SW, we could give you more practical help/support/ideas :)
  6. Browsie

    Browsie Silver Member

    Hi guys. It's so frustrating but I just don't think my mind is in it. I'm not bothered til I look in mirror then I'm disgusted with myself just don't seem to have any motivation at the moment. I have been going to classes and the cons is great. But he can't do it for me!

    My sis in law has been going to a motivational and self esteem class and wants to try yoga and meditation which teaches mindfulness. I suffer from depression and have had CBT in the past which I found really useful. I've just got to a place where even if I have a good week I'm not expecting it to continue so I sabotage myself.
    I'm thinking of stopping going to class and saving the money and using it to buy myself a treat at every half stone lost. Something like a facial to give me the motivation to carry on. Oh I don't know I just need putting in a paper bag and shaking up! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Xx

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  7. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    *Grabs Browsie ... thrusts a paper bag over her head .... runs to the end of the road .... shake-shake-shakes :copon: ... runs back down the road ... plonks her back on the "reality check" shelf ... removes paper bag .... *


    I'm very adept at walking around my home and NOT seeing myself in a mirror ;) So, my advice to you is this: Photograph yourself!

    Print it and hang it where *you* will see it every day! (Inside the food cupboard? Inside the bathroom cabinet? Inside your wardrobe door? Screensaver on your phone/computer?)
    It doesn't have to be where anyone and everyone can see it - this isn't about humiliating yourself - it just has to be where *you* will see it; often! That will be your reminder/motivation.

    I would ask you to reconsider quitting class: I say this because, with your history of depression and CBT, I think class is the best place for you to get the encouragement you need to keep up with this.
    I would ask you to take just one day at a time: forget the whole week; next week; next month; summer?!! Just focus on one day at a time - it's enough to be dealing with.
    I would ask you to write down every single morsel you consume, every drink that passes your lips and every activity you do each day. Not for here, but for your personal reflection. Then ...
    I would ask you to create a journal so you can write down what you think worked, what you think didn't work and what you feel would make tomorrow work better *for* you!
    I would ask you to be gentle with yourself.
    I would ask you to remember the reason you walked through the door of SW in the first place.
    I would ask you to keep posting on this thread and use it to find positives that you can relate to.

    Now, I know I have made a lot of asks here! But, 'asks' are 'tasks' and if you can focus on a task (or three ;) ) then you are on your way to making this happen for you :) Think about it. :bighug:
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  8. Browsie

    Browsie Silver Member

    Mrs sos thank you. So much of what you wrote is true. I really don't take the time for myself to work at being slim I just expect it to happen. A journal is a fantastic idea. I always did better when I wrote things down. Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new me. Im going to print your post and keep it with me as a little kick when I need it :) xx

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  9. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member


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