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Feeling mighty fine.........

Hey - just pulled out loads of old clothes from my hay days and slapped **** loads of make up on and put on some old skool dance music! :D Feel almost like a teenager again! lol Very fun afternoon. :)

So happy to say that all my tiny old outfits fit me - can hardly believe it - im buzzin.... Mini skirts, little dresses, tiny jackets - thought i would only ever be able to look at these clothes and reminisce.... now i can actually put them on! lol

Havent wore a skirt in like 2 or 3 years - you know the chubby knee thing - yuck - well my legs are returning back to normal and im relieved cos i was thinking they were going to be minging forever. :)

Its pretty amazing how your body can go back to the way it used to be - I used to think when I was fat that cos im older now that loosing weight I still would not look good even if i did loose weight - well i think thats the story i told myself to tell myself it was ok not to do anything about it.

Its amazing what a couple of months can do on LT - completley life changing and wardrobe changing!

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a new way of living!
fantastic, not only great news but gives me more confidence in achieving the same too, my knees are so gross if you look at them straight ahead you can make a face in squidgy fat bits! sooo gross, not wore an above knee skirt in years! i always used to have good legs, looking forward to getting them back again!!!

well done to you. :superwoman:
LOL! Oh chubby knees are so not sexy - its soooo cool they do go back to normal!!! :) Its great! You will be there soon! x


Says it as it is!!!
lol chubby knee syndrome..the flab that on hangs down on one side...hate it!!! still got it tho :(
Good for you babe... whooo hoooo all those old, new clothes to wear and look fab in xxx
Woo hoo, makes me smile thinking of you hun, you go girl! xx

rainbow brite

Hehe sounds like a fab afternoon! I may well follow suit in a few weeks/months and see if my old clothes still look good
That's great Julz. I think my teenage clothes are back in fashion and retro now!!! Just a shame I can't fit in them anymore!!!! (think it is just as well - mutton as lamb comes to mind!!!!!)

I bought myself a lovely skirt today so hoping the legs are up to muster!!! Lol!

Ahhh Julz... how fab - you see our little nightclub last nite brought the tiger back out in you - you go girl (Weds Clubber) :) :)
oh yes - bring out 90s raver! :) x
wow it must feel so good to put on clothes on you thought you would never get back into. I cant wait to do tht, might have to update em though it's been some time!

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