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feeling nauseous is that normal on LL?

Hi all
Its 9 days now since i started LL everything ok apart from feeling nauseous after i have the soups !! the chicken, mushroom & thai all make me gag & veg was the only one i liked but now that makes me feel gag also!! does anybody else not like the soups ?? i hope I'm not alone !! I was wondering maybe I'm just a shake person, i tried the choc hot yesterday & that was awful also, would really appreciate any advice. maybe i just don't like any of the foodpacks hot !!!
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nearly there!! :)
i choose not to try the soups or bars because i didnt like them on cd or lt!! i know they taste different, but im on my 8th week/9th week (time flies so much cant member which hahahaha) and since day one ordered 28 shakes.
i used to get the choc and carmel but turned off them so now my order does be 20 vanilla for my coffee haha 3 strawberry and 5 banana haha
some people just dont like the soups maybe ur like that!!


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its funny everyone is different and it takes a couple of weeks of trying things out until you get your own wee menu that works for you.

I LOVE the chocolate and vanilla mixed together hot, but cant have it cold, infact i hate any of the packs cold! I don't like any of the other shakes, I never even touched banna or carmel and as for strawberry and raspberry well I had to them first thing in the monring to get it over with YUCK! I loved all the soups to start and now only like chicken and veg, I'm undecided on tomato!! I also only like the peanut and cranberry bars. Try mixing some of the packs it makes a big difference.

its all trial and error and once you get into a routine with what you like its much easier!
Hi Catznolan, that makes me feel so much better, I thought it was just me !! i'm so determind to loose the weight, but was getting kinda worried thinking i'd be just drinking 4 litres of water a day !!
congratulations by the way on your weight lost so far, i've just been reading the september starters forum which really inspires me as your all 8 weeks in front, I find it really helpful to read how you all coped in those first few weeks of starting LL.
take care
I don't like any of the soups, and so far I don't like the shakes hot really either (tried all but the hot Choc one, which I will be trying in an hour or so)

So I just have cold shakes all day,
they taste nice, so why bother with others stuff?
Plus it makes life easier, having every day the same.

Strawberry brekkie, banana lunch, choc tea and choc at around 8pm

I like my days to be well planned when it comes to food :D
Hi Emzki
thanks for the advice, your right we all like different tastes, i think because i'm normally a big soup fan, i imagine the LL soups will be the same (oh how i wish !!! lol). But i've come to the conclusuon there just not for me so will just be sticking to the shakes.
take care


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im the same bronte i dnt like the soups much either! just one question how come u have caramel and rasberry emski we dnt have them at our LL!
Hi Pete

Those soups yuck !!

I thought when I joined LL the soups would be my thing as I love soup but how wrong I was, I then got all worried thinking what am I going to do as i've never been a shake fan (unless its mcdonalds !! lol)
but i've decide like you i'm going to stick to the shakes cold.
take care


nearly there!! :)
the rasberry is being stopped cause its so like strawberry and carmel is just old stock and isnt being replaced!!!

thanks bronte i used to laugh when i heard people say the time flies but it really does i cant member not being on this ha
we have raspberry at our meetings but don't have the caramel - I thought I heard they are to be discontinued? does anybody know if this is true?


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ohh wot a shame rasberry n caramel would make a nice change!! :(
We have choc,banna,strawberry,vanilla ,veg,thai chilli,mushroom,tomato,chicken think thats it! is that the same for everyone? how come some ppl have different then?!
Bronte said:
I then got all worried thinking what am I going to do as i've never been a shake fan (unless its mcdonalds !! lol)
but i've decide like you i'm going to stick to the shakes cold.
If you haven't already Bronte, try this;

Put 150ml of water + the shake powder in a blender (needs to be a good one with metal blending spikes, not the crappy hand one LL provide), add 5 or 6 ice cubes, blend it for around 1.5 minutes, and presto!
Feels and tastes just like a Mcdonalds shake! :D


nearly there!! :)
yep both raspberry and carmel are being discontinued!! not many people like the carmel though...its a weird tast haha
its so funny how people like different varieties. i order 21veg soup a week and either 7choc or 7 peanut bars or a mixture of the two to make up the final 7 i love the veg but i did find when i tried the chicken and thia they made me gag im sure you will find something you like eventually but keep trying your taste buds change so much during the diet im dreading coming to having my veg soup one day and not liking it cos at the mo they are dleicious. how sad am i never thought i would say that about soup
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i must say i used to like the soups now the only soup i can stomache atm..lol is the Veg and Tomato. But i do like all the shakes, the vanilla i only use for cheesecake..taste delicious yummmmy

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