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    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Hi All, Wonder If You Can Help, Have Not Been Feeling To Good For A Couple Of Days, Think It Is The Normal Headache, Sore Throat, Feeling Cold, Am I Still Ok To Do This Diet Or Should I Have A Small Meal, I Have Stuck To It And Not Cheated Once, And Really Don't Want To Give Up,but Scared Of Taking Beechams All In One Incase Something Happens. Any Replys Please!!!!!!!! ALSO FORGOT OT MENTION THE RUNS ASWELL!! I KNOW IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO HEAR BUT SCARED OF GOING TO THE DOCTORS INCASE HE MAKES ME COME OF THE DIET.
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  3. harriet2

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    im feeling pretty under the weather today too..something ive picked up from my eldest daughter but im just wrapping up extra warm, glugging down the water and doing b****r all today (apart from cooking lunch and washing lol) just take paracetamol or something which will hopefully get you over it ...dont sabortage yourself by eating, that wont help in the long run..yourll just wonder why you did it when you feel better again in the next day or so :)

    all the best and hope you feel better soon

    h x
  4. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Always put your health first, I am a firm believer in listening to ones inner self, if you are weak with an infection then you may need food to fight it off, take 2 parecetomol, if that doesnt make you feel any better, then look at what else can.

    Your health is important x
  5. ScotsDistraction

    ScotsDistraction Full Member

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    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Thank Your All Have Taken Your Advice And Had Paracetamol And Do Feel Better Must Be Getting A Cold As Sneezing Has Started, Will Not Give Up Determined To Do This. Xx
  7. Shornie

    Shornie Full Member

    When I had a cold on LT I spoke to my pharmacist who recomended benatlin 4 flu it doesnt take you out of ketosis but does fight the cold

    Hope you are feeling better soon
  8. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    hi hun

    Sorry you are not feeling brill - hope you are on the mend soon :)
  9. pink-sarah

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    big hugs... cant help really but i hope you feel better soon

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    thanx guys, shornie will asking the chemist 2moro, thats all i was worried about coming out of ketosis.

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    pimk-sarah good luck on cd. x
  12. lakisha

    lakisha Member

    cambridge diet
    hope you feel better soon Bigmama no feeling so good myself been given antibioatics for chest infection xx

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    lakisha i am still feeling very poorly and have not been to work since monday but i seem to be on the mend i hope, still ok on the diet have not cheated but think i need to drink more water as my lips seem chapped and have a coating of some sort on my tongue. u are really doing carry on and i hope you will be feeling better soon . when your weigh in?x
  14. foreverhope

    foreverhope Full Member

    Slimming world
    Hope you both feel better soon xx
  15. lakisha

    lakisha Member

    cambridge diet
    hi bigmama sorry to hear you are still not feeling to well. the beat thin you are doing is to drink plenty of water, keep going on you diet hun i know its hard when your not feeling well, my first weigh in is on monday i cant wait, will keep you all posted. x x x

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    thanx guys i am starting tofeel better but must admit i had to have some food, not that i am determined to do this, but it came to play that was not going to get well without proper food and when u have got kids it was hard to look after them aswell and my mum has been a big help but kept bringing food around when she was bringing the kids and sat there for me to eat, thank god it was chicken but i had one chappatti and this morning two bioled eggs had a shake for lunch but mum bought chicken and a chappati aroung the evening treid to get out of eating but my dad had come round and insisted i finished it all, he thought i was on a strict diet and that why i was ill!!! COULD NOT BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!! ARE THEY PSYHIC OR WHAT. LOL XX

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Back On Striaght Diet 2moro And Plenty Of Water, Please Believe Me I Only Ate To Get Better And Cannot Believe How I Am Thinking My Mindset Has Changed Before I Would Have Eaten Cos I Had An Excuse But No Things Really Must Changed In My Head, Something Must Have Clicked Inside Of Me Cos I Do Not Want Any Food.., Anyway Weigh In Monday So Lets See What Damage I Have Done, Not Going To Be To Hard On Myself If I Put On. Take Care Guys And Hope U All Feel A Lot Better Those Of You Who Are Not Well. Xx
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  19. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    bigmama dont worry too much you ate because you had to and you know you are going back to the diet as soon as you can you sound so determined you will be ok and i do think you should have put on xx
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