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Feeling positive! Wish me luck...........

Hi ladies and gents just wanted to re-introduce myself. I'm Kat, 29 from Portsmouth. I have tried every single diet going and failed everyone miserably, always putting the weight back on plus some, plus another stone each time usually. This diet worked so well for me, I have never felt so energised and happy whilst dieting (after the initial head aches, carb craving and tears!!!).


I started this diet on the 15th January 2008 weighing 18st 2lb managed to stay motivated and by 29th March weighed in at 15st 13lb result! Then I went on a hen weekend and went for it on the old booze and binge food and never got back on the wagon, weighed myself last sunday and weighed in at 17st, gutted, if I had stuck to the programme would have hit my goal weight by now :sigh: :tear_drop:. I am really determined to do it properly this time, I didn't really use this site last time and with no support I just gave up too easily and I am sick of giving up on diets, this is it, this is the last diet I will ever do!

So there we go, its written down in black and white so I therefore have to do something about it, a promise to myself and to my two year old daughter who wishes Mummy had more energy to play.

I want to get down to 10st 7lb, 6st 7lb to lose by my 30th birthday in April thats my goal, 10lb a month minimum.

Been to see Kim my lovely lovely counsellor today and back on the wagon and feeling motivated, so here's to the first week and hopefully the first half a stone loss!

Good luck to all the returners hopefully be speaking to you soon.

Kat x x x
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good luck with your weight loss journey hun, you can and will achieve your goal.

sue xx
No longer feeling positive :-(

Oh god I am so useless at this, I am trying so hard but then I just lose control and binge, its not even that I am cheating all the time, I just have these odd moments every other week or so where I binge to extremes, its embarrasing and I am soooo ashamed, my will power goes completely out of the window and it takes me two or three days to completely reign myself back in. I am losing weight gradually (not at the expected rate for CD though, only 7lb in three weeks) but I'm not managing to re-educate my brain to see food as anything other than fuel. Does anyone else struggle with binge eating and managed to get their head around it enough to make this diet work for them? I want this diet to be a long term solution, not something to counteract the binge eating short term. Feeling depressed at the mo, I know it will pass, just so sick of tired of battling with my weight and feeling guilty about eating anything! I really need to get back on track with this diet, felt the best way to do that was be honest on this site, writing it down means I am being honest with myself I suppose and means that I have to adjust my behaviour or accept my weight and stop moaning about it! Sorry for going on and for boring any potential readers! Feel a bit better already though after getting it off my chest! Kx
Oh Kat, it is so so hard. Stick with it, you can do it, you've done really well before. Maybe you need some motivation. Why don't you write a list of all of the positive things that being slim will bring, concentrate on your target date - remember you had to lose 10lb a month to get there and you really can do it. If you need to, come on here when you feel weak.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Please don't beat yourself up about what's happened, just focus on the future, on your goals. Maybe looking at clothes on the internet - I always find looking at clothes motivate me to stick with it as I want a new wardrobe!

good luck hun x


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Famine or feast syndrome. I know it well.

Basically, if you're being good, you're 100% good, and if you're being bad, oh dear God, there go the contents of the fridge. And all sorts of other food you didn't even fancy really, but ate, because tomorrow you'll be back on the diet and won't be able to eat that other food for ages...

Been there, got the T-shirt. In fact, I think there are probably quite a few of us around with that particular T-shirt in the wardrobe.

How to stop? Er...

Right now, I'm doing great. I also know that by this time tomorrow I might not be. I wish I had some answers too. But I'm learning what sets me off, at least. I've discovered that TOTM, constipation and seeing my Dad all set me off (yep, that last one's a weird one, but he's always had issues with my weight and pretty much the first question out of his mouth when he sees me these days is 'how much have you lost now then?' Grrr...) So I'm dealing with them. I'm knocking back Evening Primrose Oil capsules in the hope they'll level out my PMS symptoms, Fibresure for the ol' constipation and as for my Dad--well, I try to keep visits short... :)

I think it might help if you can identify your personal triggers and see if you can avoid them, at least in the short term. When you've got yourself back into the swing of this diet and you know you'll be okay you can start dealing with them then.

And have you seen Icemoose's motivational stuff? There's some really good tips there.

How about keeping a journal here so that you can keep track of how you're feeling (and so that we can talk you out of going on that binge?)

Hang in there, have a big hug and don't give up!
Hi Kat,

I totally know where your coming from! I did Cambridge at the start of the year (4th Jan) and weighed 15/13. I only lasted 2wks but lost 15lbs.

I came off it and tried to do WW, SlimFast,low carb etc etc but when i decided to go back to Cambridge in April i weighed 15/4.5. I picked up a months supply of Tetras and didn't get weighed for the month and somehow (i sooo wish i knew how) i managed to stay on s/s and when i went for my first weigh in i was 1st 11.5lbs lighter making me 13/7. Then i went away with a 3wk supply and completely s/s again bringing me down to 12/9.5 with a weightloss of 11.5lbs.

After that last weigh in i started binging and i mean binging!!!! Everything got eaten as if there was no tomorrow and i'd never eat again! My friend's think i have a "real" problem with food and that i should go speak to someone..?

I've been doing WW again off and on and i tried to get myself back on Cambridge on Monday with a BIG failure, of course!! :(

Right now i weigh 14st!! I'm creeping up fast and i just wish i could get control of myself. Most people wake up and worry about the day ahead because of work, friends or something else worth worrying about,..... me, i worry about how much i'm going to eat and eat and eat!!

I want to get back on Cambridge and get to 10st for xmas at a stone a month but i'm struggling to get past lunch time, meanwhile wasting the Tetras with my restarts :(

I've said all this because i want you to know that i really do know where your coming from and that your not alone.

Please let me know how your doing and if i manage to get my head round Cambridge then i'll let you know :)

Good Luck!! x x

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