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Feeling postitive!!!


Slim for summer


Slim for summer
Ha ha I mean *feeling* not felling!
Hiya Jenhen.

Week 1 nearly done eh!! When are you weighing in on Monday? i am down early in the morning. I reckon I will be like a panther waiting to pounce when the chemist opens!!! I feel "slimmer"( how daft is that with only a few days behind me) I dont necessarily think I have lost a load of pounds, but I think I am less bloated. I have been reading other peoples stories and wishing I was 12 weeks down the Lipotrim road. Well the way I look at it after week 1 we are not the newbies anymore eh!! How is the weekend going for you? I had a very early night last night( to stay away from the naughties) Today I cooked a ridiculous dinner for my hubby and kids, steak, chips and all the trimmings. But I sat at the table with them and drank my strawberry shake. Ya the smell and the longing nearly killed me but an hour later I am still alive!! not eating that dinner didnt kill me though it did test me.

Tomorrow we are getting out of the house for the day as the old Sunday Roast would be a real killer. My hubby will take the boys for lunch and leave me browse the shops looking at all the things I am going to look great in for the Summer????

You are right the weather really does put you in a different frame of mind. Long may it last


Slim for summer
Hi yummymummy,

Yay nearly 1 week done! I can't get to chemist till Tues, I feel less bloated but don't feel like Ive lost loads, im on my tom too so I might not have a massive loss this week but prob will on week 2 { I hope!} Weekends are a killer aren't they, I kept busy gardening, and looking round shops, still really hard when cooking for the family though!

Good luck for your weigh in tomo, let us know how do :) x
Best of luck jenhen
I saw your recent post on emma's diary (what a fabulous read eh, she should write a book about her weight loss experience, or her life in general !)
But back to you, as this is your post.
You're right this is much harder when it's not your first try.
I lost 3 stone in 2004, let the weight creep on again (but not too much) so I started again in 2006 loosing another 1.5 stone

I'm at my all time worst weight now, I am changing my life as of today though. No more excuses.

Sorry to ramble on!

Wishing you success, hope you'll keep posting with your progress


Slim for summer
Hi Jelly,

Yes Emma {tinkerbell} has done an amazing job, she looks fantastic!

Good luck to you too!! x

I want to achieve losses like that every week sooo bad! Don't know if my willpower is up to scratch though...
I know what you mean, my will power is rubbish too. I'm started on my days off hoping to do the first 2 bad days at home. I've ended up staying in bed until 2.45pm!! so I don't think about food!
Wish I could hibernate for 10 weeks and just be drip fed my shakes.


Slim for summer
Ha ha, drip fed! :)

Miss Greedy suggested we have a LT bootcamp, wouldn't that be great?! No temptations, excersise, some gorgeous guy bringing us our shakes on a tray... It would work though!
Yep, you can sign me up for that one, too! :D

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