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feeling proud of myself

well last night i was starving, was drinking loads of water and hubby noticed. just then decides hes gona order from our favorite restaurant. asks if i want anything so i say no. he stills orders my food and keeps saying but u need to start eating cuz ur pregnant. i dont think im pregnant, just that losing 25lbs in the last 4 wks on LT has messed up my system slightly. surely after being pregnant 8 times in my life i know what pregnancy feels like!
so the food arrives and hes still going on at me, it smelt so good. but i was strong, resisted and went to bed. he came up with mine served up on a plate and said come on it will do u good. i was fuming, kinda shouted at him abit, its like hes happy for me to be fat and feel crap about myself. what happened to supporting the person u love.
so i slept in the spare room cuz i was so annoyed.

but even though i really wanted to eat i didnt and feel really good this morning. the rain is pouring down but its a good day.

gona drop kids at school and go 4 a swim.

have a good day all

x x
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A little of everything!
I guess he knows not to do it in future! LOL! Well done for resisting. The wee pet probably was sure he was 'helping' you? That you just needed to be 'persuaded' to eat? My Hubby doesn't like this diet either (which is why I'm doing it on the QT!) so I can sympathise? It's not that he likes me fat- just happy, and he thinks by eating/drinking/socialising I'll be happier than when I'm 'starving' myself?
Fair play to you!
ah fair play Jenny, he prob thinks he is doing good... it is lashing raining here too...
Good for you, can't have been easy. I hope he doesn't try and help out again in the near future!!!
Aww Jenny, a big well done to you for resisting!!
thx. kinda wondering if i overreacted now? dunno? feel slightly guilty.
bloody man has too many powers over me. lol

x x


A little of everything!
Overreacted how? Would you feel better today if you'd given in & eaten? I don't think so? He now knows just how serious you are about losing the weight. If you'd given in last night, he'd do it again tonight, and tomorrow night....and the next...and so on...and so on...

You did good girl- don't you forget it!!
wow, you did great to say no. I dont have very good willpower (i am working on it) but you seem to have buckets of it! To say no when its on a plate in front of you is amazing!!
I don't think you overreacted I would have done the same. Its not only a questions of retraining our brain while on LT its retraining their brain too.
thanks girls. weve made up, hes promised not to do it again even though hes still against LT, maybe if hed ever been overweight hed understand. hes one of those annoying people that eats everything in sight and never gains a lb.
x x
Well done for resisting!!

People do have funny ideas of what's helpful & healthy, don't they? I do think they have the best intentions - it's hard to understand unless you've been there really, isn't it? Hope you two are doing better today :)



Silver Member
Aww sounds like he had good intentions but wow you are amazing and determined for not giving in when he was so persuasive and the food in front of you makes it so much harder. If you were feeling a little bit week willed nobody would have blamed you if you ate under that pressure. Well done again on your willpower xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jenny, fair play to you for managing not to give in. Don't be too hard on him, he genuinely thought he was doing something nice for you. He will have got the message. Kiss and make up and keep strong as you are doing so well.
thats determination!!

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