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Feeling proud of myself!


Slimming down the aisle
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I've had a pretty good day and feel like it's been a bit of a turning point for me really. I'll start at the very beginning!

I've always had an up and down relationship with 'dieting'. When I've been living by myself, doing my own food, I've been better. When there's been other people and social eating involved, it's all gone out the window!

I posted about this earlier in another post but this morning my sister asked me if I wanted to go for breakfast. I was going to say no to avoid a food situation, instead I said yes, looked at the menu before hand and chose the healthy option of porridge and when I got there I stuck to it, whilst she ordered a fry up.

This afternoon I had lunch and decided to have some rhubarb crumble my mum made yesterday. I didn't umm and ahh over it, I just chose to have some. BUT I gave myself a sensible portion and stopped when I was full, even though there was some left.

Then tonight, here came the biggy. My parents asked me to go to the chip shop for them to get them their dinner and of course, to get myself whatever I wanted. Straight away I decided not to have it, I was too close to my calories for the day and didn't want to have to do lots of exercise when I need an early night for my PGCE interview tomorrow. So I decided to stick with the plan I'd already made for dinner and to make sure that I didn't change my mind I put my sweet potato in the oven before I left. I thought a little bit on the drive there, wondering if I should just have it anyway but then told myself no, it wasn't worth it and dinner was already on anyway. So I went in, I ordered there dinner and sat waiting for 20 minutes for it to cook and in that entire time didn't even consider ordering myself something and chucking the sweet potato when I got back. So tonight, my mum had fish and chips whilst my dad and sister had pie and chips and I stuck with my baked sweet potato, be good to yourself chicken curry and a little mint raita. I didn't sit there feeling sorry for myself or hard done by, I sat there and really enjoyed my dinner.

Could this be a turning point?! A change in my attitude? Where I now don't always just say I want therefore I will. Or I will just because it's easier. For possibly the first time in my life I turned down something because I actually wanted to, I actually wanted to have the healthier option. I wanted to not put this weeks loss on the line. The only time I ever did that before was once at a family meal when I was on the Cambridge Diet, they had a roast dinner and I made myself a chicken salad with a little of the chicken and sat at the same table with them, hating every second of it, feeling the odd one out, feeling hard done by. For the first time it's not been I HAVE to do this, it's been I WANT to. And it felt bloody amazing!

Anyway, long post over! I'm off to have a bath and get an early night before my interview tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good evening :)
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That's a great attitude! Good look with the interview :)


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it really does sound like things are changing for you.thats great.
well done on doing what you felt was right for you and not giving in to the easy option.
this is what seems to have happened to me since i decided to loose weight 5 weeks ago. something just clicked in my head and i no longer feel tempted or that i am missing out.
lets hope it lasts.
good luck tomorrow.x


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Just wanted to say well done - changing the way you think in line with your new way of eating is a difficult process and you sound as if you are really cracking it. Very inspiring - go you!

Laura Jayne

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Well done! Changing old habbits can be a hard thing to do, and you should be very proud of yourself for managing to do it. Half the battle with weight loss is getting the right 'mind set' to do it. Looks like you have found yours :)

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