feeling really awful


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day 2

not hungry at all, I am feeling really sick and headachey. Feels like carb withdrawal to me, any body know how long it will last?

Feeling a bit chuffed that I was able to buy food for my horrid toddler, but have absolutely no compunction to eat it.

Hi Shona

It is carb withdrawal and cafeine and other stuff we put into our body.

Hang on in there, it lasts between 3 and 5 days usually and you will feel as if you have flue-type symptoms.

You may find over the next couple of weeks that you feel a bit tearful and down as well (some do, some don't) but that passes and by the end of the first couple of weeks you will feel like a completely new person. I remember people saying that to me and me not believing them but it is true you do!

Keep up with it and take plenty of paracetamol to get you through the next few days.
thanks guys

Im not giving up ...I feel like Im in control... wish Sam the horrible toddler would stop crying for my soup, which he loves...lol