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  1. Snappyjugs

    Snappyjugs Full Member

    Hi Guys,
    Im just finishing week two my second weigh in tomorrow.
    The last couple of days have been complete torture, I just want to eat to feel better almost to feel normal again if that makes sense.
    I was in am awful mood yday and today im even worse my mum was measuring me so I can track inchs lost etc I felt sick next of all im literally screaming at her and I pushed her on to the bed I didnt mean to it was completely out of character and im constantly crying and just been an out right b!tch to everyone..
    Im thinkin weather to just go on maintenance tomorrow just to have that one bit of happiness every day.
    Ive lost 16lb in two weeks im really happy but I dont know if I can continue :-(
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  3. Snappyjugs

    Snappyjugs Full Member

    Also to add im finding it extremely hard to even get one litre of water into let alone two :-(
  4. and

    and Silver Member

    How much do you want to be a healthy weight?

    No one says losing weight is easy - I've yo-yoed between a stone over my goal and 2 stones over my goal for the last 2 years... Now I'm almost 3 stones over my goal (but 1.5st below my original start) and I'm starting again. It's HARD!!

    But trust me when I say how amazing you feel after a month on this diet - how much more energy, how much more attractive, confident, comfortable and relaxed you feel... Just one month - seriously a month makes a HUGE difference.

    So maybe try setting yourself that small goal - tell yourself you can do this for just two more weeks... Then if you still feel the same, quit for a while. A month is REALLY, REALLY worth it I promise you.
  5. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    I struggle to drink plain water too, so I water down all my shakes with an extra 500ml each, that means 1.5L less of plain water I need to drink, and psychologically I am getting a bigger shake too! :) Stick with it....you will be so glad when you can look back and know you did it!
  6. and

    and Silver Member

    95% of my water is fizzy - sooo much easier to drink.
  7. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    I completely agree with And. Week 2-3 is when habits become changed. Are you hungry or just craving? Drinking mor water will help. Set yourself a target each day of getting through the day, don't try to set long term goals at the moment. Write a list of all the problems you have with your current weight, and stick it on the fridge to remind you why you're doing this.

    Most of all, give your mum a big hug, and keep going xx
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  8. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    Hi snappy,
    What everyone says is right, remember ur reasons for wanting to lose weight. It takes 21 days to break a habit. In my experience the first 3 weeks are the hardest, after that u physically feel very well. Mentally u always have to make that choice though, I've a posted up on my fridge along with my photo and it reads ' what do I choose today? ', do I choose to eat and stay locked in the miserable past and present or do I choose to keep going and open the door to a really cool future. I'm not perfect but I'm doing my best. And u will do.
    Best of luck, try to keep occupied. X x
  9. Jude1512



    I am at the end of week two and have been feeling really energetic and happy up until today when I feel really awful. I always make sure I have between 3-4 ltrs of water and spread out the shakes. Today I'm really hungry and feel queezy and down. But I believe this is because I woke up late and didnt have a shake untl later on. I also have not drunk as much as I usually do and its now around 6.00 in the evening and I've only had one shake and 1 ltr of water. Not good so I wont be doing that again.

    It seems its really important to drink on this diet and if you dont it affect how you physically and possibly psychologically.

    Hope you feel better, maybe you should talk to your Pharmacist/GP make sure something else is not up. Good luck
  10. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Wow Jude - hats off to you for giving up food and smoking in the same month!!!!!!! Go girl!
  11. Jude1512


    Thanks, had to do something. I've been putting off both for so long and I just thought if I try to stop smoking I'll put on weight like I did last time and I cannot afford to do that so why not do both at the same time. Like i said somewhere else it seemed like a good idea at the time but now not so sure. But as the days go by its getting easier dealing with not eating or smoking and the buzz I am getting at actually being able to sustain it (for now lol) is really amazing it makes me feel that I can do anything. (for short periods anyway lol)

    I'm going to keep trying anyway I really want to be a non smoker and want and need to loose the weight for me to be happy, confident, young and outgoing again otherwise I will remain a hermit as I have been for the last few years feeling sorry for myself.

    Anyway thanks for your support
  12. Holistic 1212

    Holistic 1212 Member

    That is really good, no food and no fags!!! Wow how good is that.
  13. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Ride it out hun, I promise the foul mood will lift. Don`t stop now if you`ve more to lose, you`ll regret it if you do. Just keep saying to yourself.. "Its not forever" I felt like you did initially at times when i was on Lipotrim the 1st time around.. its all the hormones being released, as we store the hormones in the fat pockets inside our bodies.. and so as you go on there will be less and less hormones to kick out! Stick with it.. we are all here to help XX
  14. Jude1512


    Wow, thats a tremendous loss in the first week, it wont take long to get to your goal weight if you continue, congrats.

    Also now feeling like snappyjugs over the last few days. My second week weight in is tomorrow. The last few days have been really awful and I have had to just try and remember why I am doing this starvation diet as I now call it. My moods are not up and down but mainly down whereas just a few days ago I was really happy and positive.

    I am still patting myself on the back however because I went to my friends today and she offered me some of the gorgeous dinner she was preparing. I said no several times although I really wanted that roast chicken etc. Saying no to food offered was one of my problems so that was an achievement. Trying to keep myself going on just a daily basis because when I think about the longer term I think its going to be really hard especially if I am feeling like I am now.

    Thanks for the advice you gave to snappyjugs as it has helped me also.
  15. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Your welcome anytime... ty and well done on resisting :)
  16. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

    hi chick have you read the article on jodie from big bro giving up sugar? she copared it to heiron!!! also alll the sugar and junk is full of toxins that have an EXTREMELY negative effect on female hormones, hence why alot of overweight women cannot get pregnant or have polycystic ovaries, it takes 21 days for all this to be flushed from our system! my Mam is very geared up for my weight loss (because she loves me) but sometimes we can get into a major fight over nothing just because i'm detoxing. be strong!!!xxx
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