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Feeling Really Low


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I restarted ww last Thursday so tomorrow is my wi day. I went out for dinner later night and went over points but I wasn't too worried as I had saved for the earlier in the week. I am one of those stupid people who weigh myself every morning and this morning I weighed exactly the same as I did a week ago which knocked me because I really have tried this week to stay under control and under points. Then tonight I just...well I ate everything in my fridge - I even made fried bread for goodness sake. I feel so disgusted and so upset with myself. Now I will probably weigh more at my wi tomorrow and I just want to cry. Why am I such a complete and utter fat failure?! I just feel like I am going to be fat and disgusting forever :(
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I have done this on many occasion and found that this justs gives me a kick up the bum for next week! I always find it takes a few weeks to find your way when you start a diet. Tomorrow is another day. You will do this again you know and so will I and probably every one on here aswell. Dont beat yourself up huni, big hugs... xxx


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don't neat yourself up hun, I have been there myself. Go to your weigh in tomorrow, accept the results and use it to motivate you for the week ahead. Once its done, its done and worrying about it and beating yourself up won't change things, accept tomorrow as a new day and a fresh start

good luck and remember everyone here is behind you xx


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^^ ditto with all the above. I think everyone who has ever followed a diet has done exactly the same thing ( I know I have on a fair few occasions!)

You CAN do this and you WILL lose the weight. Accept your WI result and start afresh. we're all here for you. Youre not a failure, and youre not disgusting sweetheart.

Stay strong my lovely! :) x x x


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Oh, honey. I feel for you. I recognise that yucky feeling of self-loathing, but you mustn't do it to yourself.

Firstly, weight is just weight - it isn't who you are. You are a wonderful person. Please don't judge yourself so harshly - I know it's easier said than done, but you need to recognise all your amazing points, noit just the weight. Don't let it define you.

Secondly, we've ALL done this. Thought "why do I bother" and just eaten crap. It doesn't make you feel better, but it's a hard cycle to break, isn't it? Like I say, EVERYONE on these forums will have done it. You are no more of a "failure" than anyone else and I'm certain you wouldn't speak to anyone else the way you are speaking to yourself.

Thirdly, weighing every day is the worst possible thing to do. I don't have scales at home for this reason. It is counter-productive and damaging to your mental state. Try and be strong - ditch the scales at home and go and weigh at boots or a friends house or a meeting.

Fourthly - you CAN do this. You are STRONGER than you think you are.

Chin up, lovely xx
Hi forget the blip if your going to meeting get rid of the scales at home

Look at your goals focus on them and remember why you first started
Your lovely forget the scales number concentrate on how you'll feel in a feww months time if you do stick to plan hey :) or if you dont stick to plan :( Forwad thinking is what I do everyday xx


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You sound the same as I feel at the moment. I'm feeling so disgusted with myself but the worse I feel the more crap I eat.
I've always felt that weighing myself everyday helps to keep me motivated, but I've now realised I should only weigh myself once a week max.
We will get there, it is going to be hard but we can all help each other

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