Feeling really rough but all I wanna do is eat


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Have had the sore throat from hell today also bad headache and sore ears both of them. I also feel really sick and cant stomach my shake. Even though I feel sick I cant stop thinking about food i wanna eat like scrambled egg toast milky tea and chocolate. I am sure all of this would make me throw up but I just feel so rough at the moment and I dont like it.
I hate working in a bloody call centre with a sore throat and mean customers
I have to admit that working in a call centre wasn't my perfect job either but I did it for 5 1/2 years.

How have your bosses been about you doing the diet. I said ages ago in my blog that I couldn't have imagined doing the diet when working for the insurance company because of all the loo trips and you had to put your hand up to go to the toilet if you were a phone operator. Luckily I worked on the admin team and we had a lot more freedom. :)
I'm sending you a big big hug ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Please don't beat yourself up. You sound like you may have an ear/throat infection. It might do you good to have some scrambled egg. We must listen to our bodies and yours sounds like it needs a little TLC.
I do hope you have a nice weekend and pamper yourself a little. You know you're worth it:)
Hi Bellybee,

Poor you!

If you really can't take your shakes, I think you would be better having some scrambled eggs...the bread will take you out of ketosis, so if you could leave that out as it is full of carbs.

You need to keep your water intake up and it will help with the sore throat.

Have you any soups that you could take warm and they would also help?

Let me know how you are.:) Sending hugs:)
Hi Bellybee,

If you don't use butter, just a drop of skimmed milk to make it light and pepper, no salt. You have a good chance of staying in ketosis, it depends on how sensitive you are ...you will know if you come out of ketosis as you will be mad with the hunger and what to eat and eat.

Then once this happens you might find it more difficult to get back on the waggon...

It is a difficult one to call as we all get cravings from time to time and when we push through them we do feel poud of ourself, but then again your not in great form with a sore throat and if you feel you are sick enough I believe they advice not to SS anyway.

Can you give your phone your CDC and run this by her?
Hi Bellybee,

You can make it no problem without milk, it will just turn out a little rubbery.

Don't let Gordon Ramsey see you make scrambled eggs though, he has a thing about them:D LOL