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Hi everyone,
Just a quick post as i need a bit of a chat I have just finished Day 3 on SS and I am feeling really rough. I dont feel hungry in fact I feel the complete opposite. Because of my height I have to have 4 meals a day but I am really struggling to get 4th one in as I just feel so sick. I have done all day today. The first two days were hard but I felt ok, today I just havent been able to shake the sicky feeling off - feels like pregnancy sickness. I have had real problems during nights since on CD keep waking up in hot sweats and dont seem to be able to sleep longer than 2 hours and I think this is now catching up on me. Any words of advice would be gratefully received. I'm not going to give up on this but really need some help as I hate feeling like this.:cry:
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I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling terrible Tinkerbella. I don't have any advice, I'm sorry, because my feeling rough was to do with headaches, hunger and huge cravings. Maybe you will feel better in a few days when you reach ketosis as at the moment your body is detoxing and getting rid of food addictions- sugar etc. Keep us posted on how you're doing and read old threads to see if anyone else felt like this and what they did to combat it. Good luck xxx


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Hi Tinkerbell, sorry to hear your feeling rough. I had the sickness feeling for my first 3 days along with awful headaches and not feeling hungry either but by the fourth and definatley by the fifth I felt great. I think it really is just down to lack of sleep and your body detoxing as Broxi said above. I was very irratable at night as well but this also settled.

Hope this has maybe given you a light at the end of the tunnel with the thought that it does get better. Hope you do feel better soon hun.:grouphugg: Zoe xx

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Honey I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so rough. Hopefully like the other SS'ers you'll be out of it soon. I'd suggest you get Sominax to help you sleep. I get a really deep sleep with them and far more energy in the day. Well done of having your fouth shake yesterday, best thing to do or you'll miss your nutrients, callories etc. I did SS last year tho very briefly and It's the worst feeling , that sickie one. Poor you.

Hope you are feeling better today. Big hugs and am thinking of you xxx


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Hi everyone,
Thanks for your support you'll all be glad to know that I got through it and I am feeling so much better today. Still a 100% CDer. I think that I need to get a good amount of water down me before I have my first shake. That was the only thing I did different yesterday so my advice to anyone who has a similar feeling get a good glass or two of water down you before you have a shake/porridge.
As I said thanks for your support feeling really positive and I am back on track. Weighed myself today and they gave me the boost I really needed but not posting details until I am weighed on Friday by my CDC and it is confirmed. How is everyone else doing?
Sunshine singer - how you getting on lovey?


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Hey Tinkerbella,
Sorry to hear you will feeling rough yesterday, my third day was my worst too.. well done for getting through it hon your doing fab..
Its good that you are feeling better today......... It is hard hon but its so worth it....... Good luck for your weigh in I am sure you will have had a great loss.


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Hey tinkerbella... Happy to know your feeling better today, and rem its just gonna get better n better after these first few days. Just stay 100% and youll do fab. xx

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S: 13st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 31 Loss: 1st6lb(10.87%)

That's brilliant you're back to yourself again. Feels great when you come through it doesn't it!

I'm doing great thanks for asking.:) Still going strong and got my first big compliment today of 'you're fading away in front of our eyes' so that will keep me going for a long time. Really chuffed.

Glad to seeing you're doing so well, yay xxx


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Hi all,
Again thanks for your wonderful comments its the best thing knowing that when you are struggling there are people here to pick you up really appreciate it. Thank you and good luck everyone x x


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Hiya tinkerbella, glad you're feeling better - hope you're feeling even more so this morning!

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