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Feeling rubbish is anyone else?


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yeah i have had days like that. but they do go


This is the last time!!
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I found last week (week 3) really hard for some reason. This week I have felt rather short tempered and irritable but I'm not feeling well and have been incredibly busy too so no chance to recharge as such. Also, due on next week, unless the diet has messed my cycle up. So, all in all, not a good week for Janny, but I am still staying away from the food.
Oh last Friday ( 2nd day of week 4) I hit a wall. Was feeling so sorry for myself, felt horrible and just lay about the sofa.

The next day I felt fine and ever since I have felt great.

I did not think I would get past Friday alive (!!!) it was that bad but just keep going it really does get better!
Don't know if this would help, my sister who is been on the CD for a few months, she said when her period is due, she has such a bad week on the CD, said its just like when she first started on the CD, hormones demand more attention, but she said they get use to the routine after a few months.


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i have been hormonal for the last five weeks and i feel like i have dodgy batteries. up one day and sluggish the next... it does calm down hon. don't worry about it :)

abz xx


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Im in week 6 and im so tired today. I don't think I will do much more than stay on the sofa and watch TV today.
I know the feeling hun, like yesterday i was so tired ended up having a nap in the middle of the day whilst the little one was asleep, but today i fill full of beans feel like running from Scotland to England and then back again...
But i wont!


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i have days like that and i can go from one extreme to the other..... it doesnt help being around my brother and dad who whenever they eat, taunt me saying 'ooooo you cant drink this can you?' arghhh it drives me crazy!!!! thank goodness im only doing 2 weeks of ss untill i have to move up to the next step... i dont know how you guys cope any longer? i have so much respect.

p.s does anyone have any experiance on step 2? do you stay in ketosis, and so you still loose lots of wieght??

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