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Feeling sad, and lacking motivation


One day at a time!
I've just had 2 of my 3 wks hols and went off-plan as I'd intended. My plan was to come home and this week (my 3rd of A/L) was going to go right back onto SS and swing right back into CD. I have put on 10lbs in the 2 weeks, which while horrid was expected after the way I ate (which I clearly do not have under control yet!).

However having returned from my hols I have found my poor little dog is really, really sick. He was staying with my mum whilst we were away and she ended up taking him to the vets last Thursday and he's been an inpatient ever since:cry: The prognosis is not good and tomorrow I find out whether there is any hope for him - I've been told his chances are only 5-10%. I'm so sad; I've only had him a few weeks from a rescue centre and I love him to bits. I've got so used to 2 walks a day with his company, and coming home to him if I've been anywhere.

Sorry to ramble.....just finding it hard right now to get back to SS or anything close.
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awww poor you l love animals so l know how you feel, hope your wee dogs ok
Sending lots of love your way for your doggy

I also love animals hugely and have two dogs myself so know how upset you must be now

Keep your strength for doggy and continue cambridge when you feel ready .. ... .. or start it to take your mind of the worry of the moment

Either way i wish your dog well x
I am so sorry to hear about your puppy I too am a huge animal lover but stay positive I hope all goes your pups way and everything works out for you xxx
Sorry to hear about your poor little dog not being well.
The suggestion to get back on CD if you can is good, it will give you another focus - your dog will be pleased to have such a loving and caring owner, and one that is fit and full of vitality for exciting long walks.
I grew up with pets (cats) and now I regularly look after two gorgeous cats as their owners travel quite regularly, it is so upsetting when they are poorly.
Hope all goes well for your pet and you x
hope everything is okay hun

I came back from hols and put on 5 lb over the summer! to my cat going missing (still not found :-( ) I have restarted yesterday

good luck
Aw poor poor you honey i lost my beloved doggie last year and know what its like for you to miss them when you are so used to having their company. I really really hope the little cutie pulls through for you.

I have had my Dad in ICU for the last week and have been totally off plan and ate sandwiches from the hospital cafe. He is still in there but today i have made myself get back on the shakes. I haven't put on any weight but know i will feel better and deal with it better.

All the best and keep us up to date xxx


Cambridge Diet Councellor
I really hope your little doggie will be ok, like others here I love animals and would be devastated if anything happened to my jack russell xx

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