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Feeling sorry for myself

Im feeling really sorry for myself today,and I am sooo desperate for a nibble of something to eat.5 weks with no food.
Im sat here freezing cold and feeling CR**P:cry:,mouth ulcers have gone,but the tongue feels fuzzy??.
I know I am finally starting to lose the weight, but just finding it hard to believe that I can actually do it.I have been so focused the last 5 weeks, I dont want to start slipping now
How can I get through this??
I need some of that FRIDAY feeling;)
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jelly belly
oh no dont give in now
look back at your weight loss so far
you have done fab

keeping yourself buisy is the key i was told

go have along soak, shave ya legs, smother yourself in body lotion, pluck ya eyebrows
that will take at least an hour
or go into town
buy yourself a good book
or look for some games on the pc to play
the aracde here is very addictive

phone a friend i can talk for hours on the phone

i know it doesn`t help that you are feeling crap but maybe walk or some gardening inn the sun will help

dont you be nibbling anything as i am looking on people like you for inspiration

big hugs you`ll get past the temptation to nibble
kaz xxx


jelly belly
misdee :rotflmao:
i am now dancing, well bouncing on my chair to the pointer sisters
what a great song to get ya motivated

bloody brill cheers for that
woohooo here i go again


The Me Is Back.........
misdee :rotflmao:
i am now dancing, well bouncing on my chair to the pointer sisters
what a great song to get ya motivated

bloody brill cheers for that
woohooo here i go again
Have balsted the neighbours and the cats i got that friday feeling .


Full Member

Misdee - excellent choice of song :D:D Definitely a motivator :D

Bumpybean - Dont give up now to stay focused for 5 weeks is a fab achievement and you've had such great losses too :D Eating now will just make you feel bad and isn't worth it. I completely agree with Kaz keep busy its the best defense we have try and push any thoughts of food out of your mind.


My good feeling song is the new Gwen stefani song, I am loving it, its great to drive to, to exercise to and even get up and boogie to......! Find a song that makes you feel good.
hi bumpybean88
my cdc is julie green
she is in trench in telford
great lady very supportive and friendly

If you think you feel crap now just think how much worse you'll feel if you nibble.

You have had fantastic losses so far and you want to keep that going. Every week I wonder how much longer I can keep going but I'm on week 12 now and can't believe I've got this far.

It's a journey, and you CAN see it to the end.

Sending you a big hug, hope it helps:rolleyes:


Intuitive Eater
You CAN do it bumpybean, don't give up!!! Just imagine yourself gorgeously slim in the summer sun. You'll look back and be so thankful you didn't let that Friday feeling ruin all your hard work. Stay focused, imagine yourself with the lovely slim body you want and keep going. Everyone hits a rough patch but if you can ride over it, you'll be so thankful you did.

:wow: :wow: :wow: I went into work early this afternoon to keep me occupied, am I soooo pleased I did, my boss who has been away on annual leave asked if I had lost weight. I have now got that friday feeling:silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

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