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Feeling spacey and lightheaded?

Hi All,
Just a quick question, for the past couple of days I've been feeling lightheaded and spacey iykwim?
Has anyone else felt like this? I know I'm drinking plenty of water and I'm taking all 3 shakes, not sure if I might be leaving it to late between shakes.
I have my 1st at around 8.30-9am, 2nd at 3pm and my last at around 8pm.
Ive pinpointed my really bad times which are between 4pm and 6pm and I just feel starving, once I get past 6pm I'm fine again. Really strange that one....lol
And last night I woke myself up with my bad breath.....lol How bad is that, god knows what people think when they talk to me!
Anyway and advice welcome.
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it's quite normal hun, you have dropped your calorie intake massively so it's to be expected. you just need to work out what works for you to prevent it. i get very tired about 6 o clock, tend to need a little nap! and get very dizzy if i stand up to quick!

its worth it as long as you're not driving or operating heavy machinery when the dizzy spell comes! xxx
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How do you wake yourself up with bad breath? Hehe.

It's normal, yeah! I definitely experienced it, I think most people do. Not too sure what to suggest really if you're keeping the water up, but as SarahLou says, it's worth it :)

opps, didnt get time to finish waht I was saying....lol
Anyway I work as a homecarer and sometimes get dizzy when driving, will keep an eye on that!
As for the bad breath, it was horrible last night, must have knocked my husband out the minute he got into bed!
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Lol at bad breath!!
I agree with sarahlou though, the lightheadedness is probably due to the massive calorie deficit. I get abit tired around evening times aswell, but i usually find that walking around outside does the trick.

irish molly

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I sometimes get the odd dizzy spell and feeling a little bit woozy. I just put it down to the low calorie intake. Try and pace yourself more. If it is really impinging on your day then you should mention it to your pharmacist.

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