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Feeling stressed!


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Hi, I've got a holiday coming up in Amsterdam for 3 days and although my fiance is really supportive and has bought me a plug adaptor so I can use my blender at the hotel as we're going with another couple he said I'll really should eat an evening meal, I deally I'd prefer to eat nothing for the 100 days and I would if we weren't going away but I think I'll have to and this is stressing me out more than the 100 days without food!! I've looked through posts on here and it seems the best thing is leafy salad and fish or chicken is this what people would suggest and is there anything I should really steer clear from?

I'm basically planning on having a shake for breakfast one at lunch time and then a small meal in the evening and a hot chocolate before bed!

does that sound doable?


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Certainly sounds do-able to me. If your head is in the right place, ie determined, then you will sail through. Make sure you keep glugging the water, steer clear of alcohol and make sure there aren't any dressings on the salad. Fish/chicken etc is a good choice, but again make sure they are not cooked in any oils. Other than that, have a brilliant time and try not to fret too much about SSing!
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Don't eat an evening meal because you 'ought' to but because you CHOOSE to.

If it's a choice then it'll be a conscious choice and you'll choose wisely. That way, there will be no guilt and you can get back on plan stress free when you return home. :)

Enjoy your break: Amsterdam is fab!
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I know exactly how you feel becuase I just went through the same thing on a weeks holiday in Greece. I went with just my hubby and he is mostly supportive now (after a shaky start) well for him anyway, but he too wanted me to eat a meal in the evening. It didnt stop there though , even though he said he would support me whatever I decided, he did feel a bit miffed that I wasnt drinking a bottle of wine with him and even blamed me when he got a sqiffy cos he HAD to drink a whole bottle to himself! Cheeky Monkey!
Honestly you must do what you think is best for you not what you think others want you to do. It is you after all that will struggle to get started again when you get back if it all goes wrong. I managed to stick to my packs by NOT ordering my own meal as no matter how many time you tell them to leave off the potatoes, rice pasta etc they always bring it , same with dressings and sauces, The only way you can really know what you are eating is to get your other half to order a dish that includes grilled meat or fish and undressed salad and just have a bit of his on a side plate. That way you will be able to assess whats been down to the food first, before you feel you have to eat it. Definately stay off the booze , full of sugars that turn to carbs and it will weaken your will power, and dont eat bread, potatoes, rice pasta etc or fuit, they will knock you you right out of ketosis. My LLc advised dropping the fourth pack and still having your soup before going out so you are not ravenous.I managed to lose 3lbs over the week doing the above and had a brilliant time. I am so glad I didnt have to start again when I got back now, I personally didnt think it was worth breaking the 100 days for, but its is a personal choice, just dont do it for anybody else, do it for you.
Good luck and have a good time.


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I'm going to Paris next week (not having wine and cheese there is doing to break my heart) and Crete a couple of days later. I'm not going to eat. I made the decision months ago. The person I'm travelling with to Crete is a bit put out that she'll have to eat alone, but this is not about what she feels, this is about the fact that I have invested 4 months into this process and I am not going to endanger it 2 months from the end just because of someone else's feelings.

I wish I knew that I was strong enough to have some freshly grilled squid and salad leaves - but my mind's made up and I'm happy with my choice. (ish) ;)


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Hi I totally agree with what the others have said so far...make sure the decision to eat is entirely yours...again stick to just basic salads and protein...and again avoid any alcohol...Good luck and have a brilliant time!!

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