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Feeling tired....

I definately get tired earlier in the day than before, but I'm only talking about 7 or 8pm instead of being wide awak on sugar at 11pm.

during the day I feel more energetic than ever, although I do remember the second and third weeks feeling a little tired whenever I 'stopped' doing something proactively for a few minutes.

Sounds daft, but if you force yourself to get up and get on with something, that feeling of tireness goes away again... at least, it did for me. I think it's a mental effect really, your body hasn't quite caught up to the idea that your in Ketosis and so make you think you are tired so as not to expend too much energy.
i find have tons of energy and am doing much more than before - but then suddenly it will hit me and i feel exhausted for 'no reason' (but thats only after 9pm)
daisy x
That sounds familiar actually - I do get up really early and do lots still and its mainly the evening i start to get tired. I think it might even be slightly pyschological too because someone told me yesterday that the only person they knew who had done LL said he constantly felt tired - I dont know why I have latched onto that thought because most people on here have said they felt more energetic, not less!
Thanks guys
Yes I do pack a lot into my days. I'm up at 5.30 most days, and work full time have a horse and 2 very big dogs that I walk in the evenings after the yard. I dont get much time to myself. In fact most of my weight problem has been through eating too many take aways where I cant be naffed to cook in the evenings!!:8855:

I have only had one headache since I started this 2 weeks ago which is brill cos I was getting them practically every day before I started LL. So thats a real result!


Is back in the saddle!
I fell asleep in the bath this morning. Mind you I've been sleeping like a log and to me that's a bit of a blessing. I'm one of the bed at 10pm, up at 1 - 4 am brigade and out of bed by 5.30am. Been like that forever so to sleep through and thoroughly is peculiar to say the least.:crazy:
All the exercise has been post Foundation. :) I've run for quite a few years so 5 miles is really not that much but the milestones are all me getting back into the swing of things.

I'm not surprised you are tired as you sound very busy. If you get too too tired, think about cutting down the time a bit on your evening walks - just don't tell your dogs I said that.
Ha ha - I promise I wont tell them but I think they would prefer longer rather than shorter!!
Me too! I had forgotten what it was like to have a full nights sleep! I like the picture of your dog btw. I will put my picture on when I get time. I was going to use one that had my dogs in it too. They are so large they make me look smaller:)

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