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Feeling Unwell and not eating properly

Hey guys, Hopefully you can help me here - am sure you can! :)

I last weighed in on Wednesday and I stayed the same, I was expecting that because I have had a few Christmas meals etc and I knew I wouldn't lose much, if anything - as long as it wasn't a gain!

Since Wednesday though I have developed a really nasty cold and it is completely zapping me... I haven't been eating properly at all and when I eat I am leaning more towards the chocolately things... last night I ended up getting a takeaway because I couldn't be bothered to cook. I've just put Slimming World on the back seat this week but I just know I'm going to regret it on Wednesday. :(

I'm hoping I can rectify and hopefully stay the same this week or even better, to lose 1b (or more! But I can't see that happening :rolleyes:)

When you're ill and you feel like picking, or if you can't be bothered to cook etc, what do you do? How do you manage? Any suggestions please? :(
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Im in the same boat. I have been completely floored by some bug or other, and logic says eating healthy stuff should be the thing to do, but exhausted body says "feed me rubbish".

Just going to ride it out and pick myself back up on the other side.
Yeah that's exactly what it is... my partner has been cooking but I don't want healthy stuff, just want to eat... well, crap.. :( I'm also not eating set meals... a few weeks ago one of my friends had a stomach bug and she was convinced she had lost weigh but she actually gained 2lbs!! When she was eating I guess she was eating wrong things... just concerned that would happen to me too! Ohhh I dunno just feeling really sorry for myself lol

I still feel terrible but I have made more of an effort today, had a syn free breakfast this morning and just had some home made potato and leek soup...
I agree with the others - eat what you can face but try not to go too overboard. The illness will only last a few days then you can get back on track. Sometimes you just have to follow what your body wants in order to fight off sickness, as long as you don't use it for an excuse to binge.

Keep your fluids up, and start menu planning healthy meals for when you're better. Get weighed, draw a line underneath and carry on :)

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