feeling unwell


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Hi everyone am going into day 4 of Lighter Life and despite feeling great over the last few days, I have woke this morning feeling unwell with pains in my chest - has anyone experienced anything similar???

I have had a very restless night and so am really tired but the tightness in my chest is a bit of a worry.:(

I really do not want to have to give up this diet as in general it has made me feel much better, but am panicking that it is making me ill.

What do you think??
I'm not on LL but would say - call your counsellor and ask them about it this morning. I didn't experience chest pains when I started CD but I was pretty damn rough for a couple of days... sorry I can't be of more use.. good luck though, and best wishes on your weight loss journey! xx
I'm not a doctor or anything but maybe it's the toxins that you need to cough up. I would carry on drinking lots of water and maybe see your doctor. Try and see the doctor who has signed you off for the LL rather than having to try and explain the diet to another doctor.
It's at times like this that we want to give up. It is easy to blame it on LL but chances are you would have had the pain even if weren't on LL. Wait at least until you have spoken to the doctor before you make any decisions to stop.
Hope you feel better soon!
I am on day 5 today and don't feel too great but have no chest pains hun. The advice given already is the best, call your counsellor to see if it's normal, but I would go to doc's just to reasure yourself more than anything that you are fine.

Hope you feel better soon, Tania xx

I had a really tough time from about day 4 to day 8. I felt quite flu-ey. I had headaches and achinglegs and neck, felt light-headed and lethargic. I even had to stay in bed for a couple of days. It does pass and by about day 10 I was feeling fine. Stick with it - its honestly worth it.

I would guess that your chest pains are just anxiety about the diet or other stuff going on in your life. Still chest pain should be ignored - if it doesn't go away you should definitely see your doctor.

HOpe you are feeling better but honestly if you can get through these first 10 days it will be worth it in the long-run!

All the best!