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Feeling very despondent

Morning people, today i am feeling very despondent and begining to think this isn't the diet for me. On Wedneday i weighed myself at home and was shocked to see that i had gained 3/4 of a pound and just weighed myself again and have only lost 1/2 lb of what i had gained, i'm drinking plenty of water and have not eaten anything and can not get my head around why i have gained weight. I get weighed tomorrow and i've not even lost 2lb. Looking at other peoples tickers I have seen that on their second weigh ins they have had good loses and i am feeling so down and despondent which is lethal as its coming up to the weekend which i find hard anyway.
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Here we go again!
Sorry you're feeling like that. Could it be that your scales weigh you differently to your chemist's? We shouldn't really weigh ourselves each day on this anyway. Sometimes on the day before weigh in I weigh the same as the week before or more and then when I weigh in the next day I've usually lost 4lbs. It all seems to come right for weigh in day somehow.

Stick with the diet and see how you get on at your weigh in. My weigh in is tomorrow too and I always think I wont have lost anything or gained but haven't up to now.

Let us know how you get on tomorrow and if it's not what you want it to be maybe then give the diet another rethink. Good luck for tomorrow and keep us posted!


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I also had a sneeky WI on some old scales and its shows i'm down 1Lb...which like you just before the weekend is hard but i know i havent cheated so going to keep strong till monday for my 2nd WI and see,We've come this far got over week one so we should keep strong and remember how we felt last monday:bliss:......
The scales are different at home, my scales flutuate all the time. Ive been going by clothes, they are a good indication of weight loss. Wait till weigh in you probably get a really nice surprise. :)
If you cant stop yourself from weighing, then do it first thing every morning before you eat or drink anything. Thats when I weigh myself and every second or third day I usually see a difference.
I am sure you will have a pleasant surprise when it comes to weighing, but even if it is a small loss, if you look at other peoples losses they usually have a bigger one the following week.
Try not to feel despondent about the diet as it really does work, just give it a few more weeks and you will be amazed at how better you feel when the weight starts dropping off you.
Stay off those scales if they are making you feel like this hun, its the worst thing you can do. Good luck for weigh in tomorrow.


Slowly but surely!
I find my scales at home make me lighter than the pharmacy ones so purposly dont look as it despresses me lol I just wait for weigh in day now :)


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I find my scales at home make me lighter than the pharmacy ones so purposly dont look as it despresses me lol I just wait for weigh in day now :)
Mine are the same! I'm 12st 13lbs on the pharmacists and 12st 10lbs on mine at home! I'm going to keep note of both so I can see how I'm doing. I'm a serial weigher- and well aware of daily/totm flucutations, but I'm addicted! LOL!


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my scales were always 7lbs lighter than the chemists so i actually went with those in the end (and she agreed hers were rubbish)!!!!
Pls dont give up yet. This diet cannot fail to work if you stick to it. IMHO it is not a good idea to keep jumping on and off the scales. Your scales will be different to the chemist anyway and we all weigh different at various times of the day. My advice is dont even bother to weigh, by this time next week you will not need the scales to tell you that you have lost weight - you will see it for yourself! Just give it another week before you lose faith :)


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I sort of believe mine more too- mine are digital and hers are the spring type? Both 'Salter', but different types. SHe also told me you weigh more if you look down so always look straight ahead and get someone to read it for you! LOL! I think thats taking it a bit far though!
I've perked up a bit since this morning, thank you all for your amazing support. I'm going to stick with the diet, my husband is going to pay for the next 2 weeks so I have to stick it as I paid for the first 2 weeks. Just got homne from work and had a letter informing me that mt 11 year old daughter has won a Talented Young Writers competition and they want to publish her short story, so I am over the moon, this has really made my day and thought I would share it with everybody else.
Yes it is brilliant news and i am very proud, I'm still trying to work out where she gets her brains from!
Lovely news about your daughter !

Try and stick with it - it's worthwhile !

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