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Feeling Worried

I'm thrilled but at the same time it dawned on me that I don't know how to dress.

I've gone through my wardrobe and found clothes that I bought, never wore because they were tight and I always thought I would slim down for them. Some are many years old. Now they fit and are on the way to being too big :D
I've spent years wearing trousers and t-shirts because it was the only thing I felt remotely comfortable in.
But now I can see the doors of fashion opening up lol! and I'm clueless!
Anyone else in the same boat?
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yep and my 14 yr old daughter thinks shes the female equivelant of gok wan :)
I suppose it's a bit different for men, but I also feel like I've avoided wearing certain things because of my weight. I've stuck to wearing dark colours and mostly worn jeans and t-shirts for the last 10 years or so. Another thing I do is buy a few of the same items, so it probably seems like I'm always in exactly the same clothes. I think I'll need a woman in my life to put some fashion sense in to me when I'm done losing the weight. :(


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Just buy a few magazines ya know the ones like Now & Closer...the cheaper ones and look at their fashion pages....will give you a GOOD idea whats on trend....


Pop into the shops and look at the models on the stands (manaquins cant spell it!) ..they'll be in the latest get ups..

or... just dress how you want to!

Good luck its so excting being slim!xxxx
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Have a look on the home pages of the catalogues, they often have 'this seasons look' with stuff teamed up.

I am having fun ordering stuff from a catalogue (at no cost) to try different sizes and styles and then sending it back. It's helping me gauge my size and what looks/doesn't look good.
I think most people do get stuck in a rut, and always go for the same style or colours as they have always worn.

I normally go clothes shopping with my pal and we alway encourage each other to try on different styles, colours etc... Sometimes it doesnt work well, and occaisonally I walk out the shop thrilled to bits with the outfit that i would never in a million years wear.

I dont know about everyone else but we tend to share a changing room and giggle from the minute we enter until we leave, and its generally at how, as soon as I try something on I will stick my stomach out as far as it will extend and hunch over. To prove that I dont suit something.

Aah fun times, please tell me this isnt just me?
Karen me, me me, lol - For years I have worn the same uniform of black trousers, vests and cardigans and even now I still end up choosing those things. All the old clothes that I had in my wardrobe are too big and have been binned.

Saying that I have bought the most beautiful fitted linen jacket in a size 18 and grey wide leg trousers which I'm hoping will fit me by November when I go to a concert.

When I was mooching around town I was in Debenhams and they have a personal shopper there, god knows what that costs though, but it's an option and one that I'm seriously considering when I'm at goal.
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OMG Karen that could have been written by me too :eek:

It's scary but also a little exciting :D

When I was mooching around town I was in Debenhams and they have a personal shopper there, god knows what that costs though, but it's an option and one that I'm seriously considering when I'm at goal.
What a fab idea, can't help humming..... Pretty Woman walking down the street........:D


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I'd go for the personal shopper option. I don't think they'd be that expensive and it could be the final reward when you reach your goal weight. Aside from being able to show you styles that suit they are good at showing you colours that work for you (sometimes colours you would never have thought of). If you go with a friend you can turn it into a fun girlie shopping trip.

You could get one of those trinny and susannah books - there's one that tells you how to mix colours as well.

Whatever you do - be adventurous and have fun with it and don't be afraid of trying different things. You'll be surprised how amazing you'll look in new styles :)
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i always look at how the shops or catalogues put things together and do similar things.


please try again
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ive decided that trousers just dont suit me but cant work out what does, lol

ya think i can get away with summer dresses and those cardigans that finish under the bust all year round? lol

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