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Feeling yuck!

Day 23 and my mouth feels and tastes like a birdcage again - it felt like this in the first week and has now come back again damnit!
No amount of teeth brushing, drinking flavoured water or eating packs gets rid of it and its driving me mad! Also got a permanant sorethroat - it kinda feels like I've permanantly got something lodged in my throat that I can't cough up - despite constantly trying!
Still got sore gums and a really rank looking tongue (covered in yellowish circles) as well.
Tiredness seems to have hit me big time this week - nearly fell asleep as soon as I got home yesterday evening which is not good as I got home at 5.45!

Apart from that - I feel great lol!

Please tell me it gets better?

MM x
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Oh dear. You have my sympathy. The tongue doesn't sound good.

Not sure what to say because I have felt good since day 3 - except when I've lapsed. For me I only feel tired or sluggish if I've eaten carbs... There's a lesson in that for me!

Re: the throat - if it is sore, hot water with a flavour might help. I did this when I had a cold and that was good. You could dillute the packs more as well.

Re: the breath - use some breath freshener? or drink more water?

Sorry I can't be more help - as I say the only side effects I get is when I've lapsed and I'm trying to eradicate those times!
I have the feeling I have something caught in my throat too! Nothing big - more wispy. I think it's just a side effect. I don't get it all the time now (I'm on day 51) so I'm just ignoring it.

If you've tried to cough it up that might make your throat sore. There are side effects for some people on LL it would seem - you just have to endure and trust that they will eventually go! Hope you feel better soon.
I am now on day 25 so only just in front of you! I had the feeling of something lodged in my throat from first starting and do you know I have only just realised that feeling has gone! Are the yellowish circles actually little bumps? I remember going to the dr's once and telling him I had these bumps on my tongue - he told me they were my taste buds - goodness did I feel stupid or what! :doh: It is not something I do very often, well prior to starting diets, looking at my tongue and it seems I never noticed them before! My tongue also has a yellow coating which I just cannot get rid of. I carry a breath freshener with me at all times.

I am also very tired. I put that down to the fact that for the last 25 days I have not had a full night's sleep due to toilet breaks. it has to catch up at some point.

I hope you feel better soon



Serial Foodie!
gargling dissolvable asprin should work. its very effective when i feel like that. xx

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