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Felix returns...

Hi all!

I have been on and off CD since November last year (more off than on!) and lost about 3 stone. I have another 3 stone 10lb to lose until my goal of 9st 7! Tried WW and it didn't work for me so I'm back.

I have just seen my CDC and have 21 chocolate tetras :) hoping to lose 1 and a half - 2 stone before Xmas. The only event I have planned is a night out with my friends who are visiting this weekend, so I'll be off plan this weekend then back on Monday. OH is doing it with me too.

Wish me luck :D
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Hia Felix, good luck :)

whoop whoop!

Sheeeees back! what are you tippin the scales at now Xanthe???

Come on we can do it!
Thanks everyone!

I am 13st 3 :( been yoyo-ing between 12.11 and 13.3 for months now. My first mini goal will be to get under 12.7 then ill do my goals in half stone chunks :)

Wow it's great that ur back. I'm back too. Just started week 3. Doing so much better this time. :) my diary is over on the members only diary bit.

All the very best for ur restart pet. Looking forward to catching up with ur diary xxxx
Thanks everyone!!!

So my first day is going well so far. Been busy at work so not really thought about food. Woke up starving this morning but had a coffee and the hunger went. Had my first shake at about half 10 (OH CHOCOLATE TETRAS HOW I'VE MISSED YOU SO!!) and it went down surprisingly well! Can't wait until I enjoy feeling empty again!

Currently on my lunch break trying to pass the time doing my makeup in the toilets to avoid going in to the kitchen and getting loads of questions about what I'm having for lunch. Can't be arsed to explain to people! Starting to feel bloated (always do the 1st couple of days for some reason).

Finish work at quarter to 4 today and I'm not looking forward to the walk home!!!! Tried on both my winter coats from last year this morning and both are 2 sizes too big :( payday isn't for another 2 weeks so will have to suffer until then haha.

Hope everyones having a great day :)
So far so good. Managed the walk back home and even survived asda! Stocked up on veg for my SS+ meals. OH doesn't finish work until 8 so I am planning on cooking stir fried chicken and veg for when he gets in. Going to have my 3rd shake sometime between now and then. Evenings are the worst for me (and there's an open packet of fruit pastilles staring at me from the kitchen) and waiting until 8 is going to be hard. Might dye my hair and bleach my 'tache to pass the time haha!

Hardly had any water at work so going to try and drink lots from now until bed...
Thanks everyone!

Had chicken stir fry for tea. OH insists he's still hungry and is now eating Tuc crackers with Brie...

Now enjoying a glass of coke zero! Yum!


this time - the last time
Well done for finishing day 1!

(be sure to put the fruit pastilles in the bin! :) )
Thanks both! OH finished off the sweeties for me :D

Had the most stressful day at work ever! So wound up but not going to go in to it...

Had my first shake at about half 10 then 2nd at half 3-ish. Walked home and the local chippy smell was wafting down the road and I almost drooled to death!!!!! Really hungry :( waiting until OH gets back from work for dinner. Making chicken, asparagus and cabbage.

So glad its Friday tomorrow. Got my night out on sat so need to eat some carbs beforehand so will probably have a sandwich or something, not going to go mad!

Day 2 almost done :)
wooo hooo!

Are you getting the water down? Its really so tough to restart BUT not for you, you are fierce! You dont need no chips!
I'm so crap with the water! Only had about a litre today but then had loads of cups of tea. Mmmmmm I could demolish the whole chip shop right now but I'm unpacking boxes instead to take my mind off it :)
i'm really struggeling with my water too now its so much colder. did treat myself to a large skinny americano in costa today though. i tell myself that counts though!!!


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