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ProPoints Felix's WW diary


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Hello everyone :)

My name is Xanthe and I'm 20, currently living in Leeds but I'm originally from just south of Sheffield. I have successfully lost 3st on the Cambridge Diet since November last year but I'm now looking for something new, as I'm sick of those bloody shakes!!!!

I've done WW before on the old 'core plan' when I was about 16 and lost about a stone. I found it really easy as it doesn't feel like a diet, so that's why I have chosen to come back to WW.

Me and my OH are joining our first class tomorrow evening and I'm really excited! I have been off CD since last week so I think I may have put a few lb's on (naughty me :( ) but I think most of it will just be my body adjusting to eating carbs again. It feels very odd to be eating and feeling full instead of being hungry all the time.

I started my weight loss journey in November at 15st 13lb, and a size 18/20. I'm now around 12st 13lb and a size 14 :) My OH has gone from just over 20 stone to 15st 12lb and is around a stone/stone and half from goal. He's 6ft 3 so any lower he would look like a beanpole haha! My goal weight is 9st 7lb so I have around 3st 7lb left to go :(

My OH has just finished university and is applying for jobs at the moment. He's running the great north run in September so I'm trying to persuade him to use this free time going to the gym and training for the run. He used to be a promising rugby player but due to injury he can't play anymore, so he has been out of doing exercise for a while. I also have a gym membership which I never use (shock horror!!!!!) so I need to start using it seeing as though I pay £40 a month for it!! I work in an office so I spend all day sat on my bum... I HATE exercise though!

It is my OH's graduation on 19th July (7 weeks time) so I'm hoping to be a bit lighter by then, and then it's my 21st birthday on 10th August (10 weeks time) and I'd like to be even lighter by then! I don't know what sort of loss to aim for in 10 weeks, as I'm used to everyone losing a million lb a week on Cambridge. Do you think a stone in 10 weeks is realistic? I'd like to be in the 11's :)

I might post up some before and now pics, and then some more in a few weeks as I lose more. It would be good to see my pics together because when I look in the mirror I think I look the same as I did 3 stone heavier.

Sorry I am rambling now! Going to buy our monthly passes maybe today or tomorrow before the meeting. We both have iPhone's so the WW app's sound great.

Hope everyone in having a lovely day :)
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Hi Xanthe and OH , welcome to WW. The new propoints plan is excellent . I find I can work it in fairly easily with life and not feel I am on a diet as such . Its healthy eating really with free fruit now and the tracking keeps you in control. You both have done really well so far. Try to keep the carbs to good xhealthy ones though because the weight can fly up again very quickly.

Looking forward to following your journey. there is a great gang of people here and will help you whatever the problem .


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great losses so far, well done. are you going to do propoints? i love this plan... hope you enjoy it too. xxx


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*Shanny* said:
Ive down loaded the ww app already its great ive been testing different foods.. you did fab on CD.. time for a change lol x
Haha I've been testing different foods too!!! Can't wait for a change, it's going to be a struggle eating all the food (never thought I'd hear myself say that lol!)
you have done amazing on the CD so you will find pro points easy peasy. I am on day 3 and its ok. First couple of days were hard but its about learning to make choices and plan meals and have fresh rather than processed foods. I think you will be fine, look forward to hearing your progress xx


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Thank you :) I found it easy when I did it a few years back, didn't feel like a diet hardly! Hopefully won't take too long to lose this last 3 and a half stone.


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So doesn't look like I'm starting today :( meeting starts in 15 minutes and I've been stood outside work since 5 waiting for my OH to pick me up!!!

Luckily there's another one on Monday at another place the same distance away but at 6.30pm so we will have to go to that :( gutted I really wanted to start!!!!
Hi Xanthe, That is frustrating when you were all geared up to start tonight but dont let it get you down . Keep learning all you can about PP on here and Monday will come around fast. Hope OH has a good excuse or I suspect he will have a flea in his ear later !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just found ur diary :) yay gonna keep an eye on your progress :) x

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