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fell like im in hell on earth :(


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maybe abit of exaggeration but im not having a good day! im totm anyday and always crave chocolate. i was debating coming off plan just for today as its mothers day and my little ones baked cakes etc but its 630 pm and still havent decided what to do...... lol.what damage would i do if i was to have some choc? would i not lose this week my wi is on thurs nite everyones opinions would be greatly appreciated :D
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Lovin it !!! :)
It's just not worth it - you've got to 6.30 without so sure can get to bedtime - the feelings getting back to it will be far worse than the brief "satisfaction?" from the chocolate


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didnt think of it like that tbh and i suppose just gettin here is a acheievement :) ok hot bath and think will have bit of chicken and salad ss + stylee just to fill me up maybe?


Lovin it !!! :)
I've had many days when I have literally been climing the walls & have had just some chicken breast & abit of cauli - it does the trick but I do find it slows my losses down - this is only me though - a little protein won't hurt as it is in the ss+ menu - only thing I find is that 1 night leads to 2 and so on - have another pack if you can, that's the least harmful
fitz is SO right... it is SOOOOOO not worth the guilt/wonderment of MORE choc..

You've done superb so far...and can DO THIS!!!!

Stick at it.... hang in there...choc will still be there when your maintaining.. xxxxx


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was thinking of doing that but i feel like i need some proper food stupid as it sounds lol well at least ive talked myself out of the choc lol well with alittle bit of help :)


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argh its so hard mrs e im normally quite resiliant and have been having some chicken salad occassionaly but was really craving some choc :( feel soo stoopid


Lovin it !!! :)
It's interesting to read that you "need" it - are you hungry ? Have you had a nice day ? Keep that strong self up - nothing worth having is easy & you have done brill so far ....
aww fran..i KNOW how you feel...trust me i REALLY know!!!!

I used to go to bed mega early on them 'must eat' days OR make a coffee....it was the ONLY thing that stopped me eating. ..

I also used to SS+ some days ..so would nibble on chicken/tuna.. done the trick.

I lost all my weight on SS+ actually (615 cals) could never do SS... would have quit after a week lol x

Keep strong!..think of the weight you'll be this time next month ;)


This is the last time!!
That's why I have choc tetras - very indulgent for me if I feel the 'urge'.
I ss'd for about 10 weeks last time with not one iota of food passing my lips, and I fully intend to do the same this time round. Any satisfaction gained from nibbling will be totally eclipsed by the guilt of cheating myself and wasting my very hard earned money.
Yesterday I desperately wanted the pizza I made for my hubby, but I did not give in, instead I dragged the dog out for a walk and demanded that he had it eaten and cleared away before I came back, bless him, he burnt his mouth on it trying to hurry up.

One nibble could well lead to another and in my honest opinion, it just isn't worth it. If you're really struggling with SS, maybe go up to SS+?

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