Feel Like Giving Up

As most of you prob know I fell off wagon on Tues nite but started again on Wed and have stuck to it ever since.

Today is exactly 7days from when I started CD and I weighed myself - I have lost just 4lbs in my first week.

Is this because of my slip up on Tues nite {although did not gain any pounds}, could it be due to my TOTM {its a bad one this time but i never normally sufer from water retention that im aware of} Or could it just simply be that CD is not for me.

I have to place my food pack order to my CD tomorrow as she is going away - I would need to buy 3 weeks worth from her but am thinking whats the point in spending £97.65 when I can and have been losing 4lb per week on SW when eating sensibly

Stressed and not sure whether to continue:mad:
Hi Donna

I think you have done amazingly well to have gone straight back on after your 'off the wagon blowout' on Tuesday night. I think a 4lb loss is excellent given the week you have had having. I always lose 3 -4 pounds at the end of my monthlies.

Besides you have done the hard bit now and within a day or two you will be in ketosis and realise why so many people are so successful on this diet as opposed to other diets, me included. It seems like a lot of money to spend on your order but if you consider it is all your food and multivits you need for three weeks it's a bargain and only a waste of money if you give up and so there is your added incentive next time you are tempted. Ofcourse you have to make the right decision for you, I couldn't manage slimming world myself too easy to cheat. Best of luck with your decision and hope you get lots more advice. Dizzyx
Nope, dont give up, CD works its as simple as that.
Please carry on, I have lost just short of 3 stone and this would not have happened for me on a conventional diet, es[pecially not in 8 and a half weeks.

You can do, I can understand why you fell off, just stay focused x
Dont forget the money is for all your food intake for 3 weeks which is only £4.65 a day or £1.55 a meal if you do go on slimming world all the healthy food you have to buy could easily mount up.

My CD went on holiday after my first week and it was hard but remember we are all here to support you too, stay focused your next few weeks will show a great loss im sure

Your meal will definately have had an affect.. BUT 4lbs is great. I think the losses on CD when done correctly are higher than other plans over the long term.. when you'd be losing a lb or two on others you'll still be losing 4 or more on CD. :)

Keep up the great work, but if the expense of 3 weeks is too much (as it can seem disheartening) perhaps you could do an amended plan or different plan till your CD returns. Maybe buy 1 weeks worth to re-start the week before she returns?

Good luck... just read the others stories and losses here for inspiration.. that's what i do! ;)
4lbs a week is still 16lbs a month - well worth the effort of CD. Keep going your doing fab.

i usually buy 2 weeks at a time and it is a lot. I just write a cheque and then forget about it ;)