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First weigh in and a little upset

Hey guy's, hope you are all well.

I had my first weigh in tonight, after 8 day's I only lost 5lb. I'm really upset as when I did CD June 2007 I lost 11lb the first week and weighed around abouts the same :cry:. I am on TOTM though, about day 4 (I usually last a full week), in all honesty do you guy's think that would influence the less of a loss than I was expecting? I've kept up the fluids and stuck to the SS, apart from one or two bites of chicken last week and then a small plate on Sunday at my boyfriends house while his whole family enjoyed a sunday roast cooked by his Dad who happens to be a cher (and better than Gordon Ramsey!)

Any tips/opinions are greatly appreciated :p

Oh and just for another update, I bought a month worth as today was my payday. 30 Shakes, 30 Choc Tetra's and although its only week 2 now, 30 Bars, to keep me motivated.


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Hi hun, could easily be retaining some fluid, I always do until it is over, so try not to be too down hearted. Don't forget it isn't just about the individual weeks but the losses over the month, as the weeks add up so fast.

Also in your first week last time did you keep completely to plan or did you eat a little protein? This isn't a criticism its just that I'm on Lipotrim and I have noticed that some get away with a bit of additional protein and still get great losses and others just aren't as lucky.

I'm sure you will have another good loss next week as things with TOTM will have settled down x
Thanks guy's, I know you are all right I guess I was just really expecting to lose 8+ lbs. I must learn to stop setting my expectations too high I guess. Hey I also lost an inch from my boobs, and I have pretty small boobs as it is... boooo :( lol x
Thank you. I really do hope so. I'm at a party 31st (Friday) before my weigh in on Saturday though, that's going to suck. Only just remembered!

Well if ever you fancy an op of - out of one and into the other (aka from yours to mine) let me know!!! lol, I seriously have such small boobs for my size. My mum has big one's lol, weird how it all work's out eh..
Don't worry honey - you can always but yourself some new ones when you get to target........lol.
If I lose all this weight and end up with empty pillow cases then I'm afraid I will be buying myself some new ones without a doubt.
Keep it up and I'm sure any fluid you might be retaining will come off for next week and you will get a fab result. :D keep smiling hun!!!!!!
Don't worry, if I get to my goal and they are still this size I'll be going under the knife too. Otherwise I'll be falling flat on my face every time I try to walk lol. I am just trusting that they will get smaller. They have to!
hiya chick, dont be too hard on yourself, 5lbs is a terrific loss but ya could be retaining fluids so best to wait until next week to see how it goes.
Dont worry - I didnt lose anything my first week - even with no cheating at all!

Everyone was baffled so we put it down to water retention. It got better - second week 6lbs, third week 4 lbs.


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5lbs is 5lbs!! it's a lot!! i think we all get greedy with our weight loss on cd. you wouldn't lose more than 5lbs during totm on any other diet... keep at it babes. try and stick to it completely, or shift to ss+ so you know where you are at and next week you'll get the loss you were hoping for :D

abz xx
Hey dont worry - i lost 5lbs in my first week.... I know it is hard but try to look at the bigger picture....you have lost 5lbs this week and you will lose more next week....either way you are well on the way to a new you!!!

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